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The Community Foundation For Calderdale is a philanthropic advisor to individual donors and local businesses, a strategic grant making Foundation and community leader.

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Each year we identify priority local needs via our research – Vital Signs and use philanthropy to address those needs. This year we have identified a hidden homelessness problem in Calderdale, identified a need for stronger communities and uncovered disturbing levels of deprivation and inequality locally.

Via our strategic grant making we are aiming to make real and lasting changes to those three key areas of life in Calderdale. Find out more about how local lives are being affected by clicking on each priority theme below.

Understanding needs and issues in a community are the first step to being able to solve them.

Stronger Communities 

This year’s Vital Signs research identified:

Our research revealed over 24,000 older people in Calderdale are experiencing loneliness.READ ABOUT HOW WE ARE TACKLING ISOLATION LOCALLY HERE

Only 26% of people feel they can influence decisions affecting the local area. Only 66% of people in Calderdale feel they get on well with people from different backgrounds, this is 10% less than the national average. Only 26% of people in Calderdale have volunteered locally.

Housing and Homelessness 

This year’s Vital Signs research identified:

There are currently 3,500 households in need of affordable housing in Calderdale. There are 3,292 vacant properties in Calderdale half have been vacant for more than 6 months.

Over 1550 homeless people have been supported this year five local charities. The most common factor contributing to homlessnes locally was relationship breakdown due to violence.

Deprivation and Inequality 

This year’s Vital Signs research identified:

There are 19 neighbourhood  in the 10% most multiple deprived areas in England, 13 neighbourhood in the 11-20% most multiple deprived and 14 neighbourhood  in the 21-30% most multiple deprived areas in England.

Half of all pensioners live in fuel poverty. There were 115 winter deaths last year.