Who is the Community Foundation for Calderdale?

The Community Foundation for Calderdale is an independent charitable Foundation, and has been working in Calderdale for 25 years, raising and distributing grant aid to charities, community groups and individuals in crises.

In this time we have raised £26m and distributed at least £17m, on average we award £500,000 to £1m a year in Calderdale.

We have £9m invested in endowed funds, we award the income from these investments as grants in Calderdale we also manage programmes for the Government and public sector bodies.

What is the Calderdale Flood Relief Fund?

The current Flood Relief Fund was set up by the Community Foundation for Calderdale on December 26th 2015, to benefit people affected by flooding in Calderdale.

How will the flood fund support Calderdale residents?

To date 11/2/16 we have distributed £3000 of cleaning materials and equipment to the flood hubs in the affected areas of Calderdale.

We have awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds to individuals in crisis, this has included emergency grants, displaced people grants, loss of earnings grants, and now support with white goods, carpets, flooring , furniture, and financial help to cover costs of items already purchased. APPLY HERE 

We have also supported businesses by contributing over  £100,000 to Calderdale rising, and support for business needing match funding to apply for the LEP grant.

We have further support allocated for business which will be made public very soon.

How can I apply for the £200 emergency grant?

Applications can be made by completing the application form available from www.cffc.co.uk

If you do not have internet access please call 01422 349700.

Can I apply for the emergency grant of £200 due to loss of earnings?

Yes, please complete the form and provide proof of loss of earning including employers details.

Can I apply to the displaced people fund?

You may apply if you were displaced temporarily or permanently due to flooding.

How much can I apply for?
You may apply for £300 per household.

How do I apply?
If you have already received or applied for the £200 grant please call us on 01422 349700, if you did not indicate on your original form that you were displaced we will require proof of displacement.

If you have not claimed the initial £200 you can apply for £500 in total. Please complete the form available at www.cffc.co.uk please note this is the same form as the £200 emergency grant please indicate on the form that you are displaced and would like to apply for £500 in total and include your evidence of displacement when retuning the form. Return by Email Grants@cffc.co.uk or post CFFC, 1855 Building Discovery Road, Halifax, HX1 2NG

I haven’t moved out of my property but still need further help when can I apply for more support?

We are now supporting people with replacing items such as white goods, carpets, flooring, furniture, and financial assistance.

Support Categories

  1. White Goods:
    We have an arrangement with ao.com to provide white goods, applicants will indicate on the form which white goods are needed and ao will arrange delivery with the applicant. Connection costs will be covered (fix amount).

We will not be meeting the costs of small electrical items such as kettles, microwaves etc.

  1. Carpets:
    Those who indicate a need for replacement carpets on the form will be provided with a grant to the fixed amount, and will be required to provide receipts to show this has been paid.
  1. Financial Recompense:
    Those who needed to purchase goods/services had extra bills since the floods that enabled them to carry on living in their homes can apply for support to meet the costs of those goods. This will be dependent on the applicants providing:
    • Receipts for purchases which show these were purchased since the floods (26.12.15)
    • Details of any insurance claims, what claims covered, value of excess etc.

How will I be able to apply?


Has IKEA donated furniture?

Yes, CFFC have worked with IKEA to take delivery of a shipment of furniture, we are currently distributing this if you would like to apply please click here