Please note all applications to CFFC for grant aid from our general fund will now be assessed for their suitability for the Calderdale Social Impact Fund. This may result in your organisation being offered a loan from the Calderdale Social Impact Fund rather than a grant.

Calderdale Cares Lottery Fund From Halifax RLFC

February 19, 2015

Grants Deadlines for 2014/15

November 24, 2014

General Grants Programme

Closing date N/A

Calderdale Social Impact Fund

Closing date N/A

Calderdale College Educational Fund

Closing date: Fri 19th Sep, Fri 31st Oct 2014, Fri 16th Jan 2015

Appeals Process

Closing date N/A

Individuals In Crisis Fund

Closing date N/A

Older Persons Holiday Fund

Closing Date: June 2015

Donor Interest Programme

Closing date N/A

Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy Programme

Closing Date: 5.00 pm 18th December 2014

Health Connections Programme

Round 2 opens 1st January 2015, closes 26th February 2015

Comic Relief Communities Programme

Closing date Friday 27th March 2015