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Working with local businesses in Calderdale

Your Community Foundation

Investing in Calderdale Communities. This is your community. This is your Community Foundation. Welcome.

Award Winning Foundation

Winners of the Halifax Courier Community Spirit Awards 2013 - Best New Charity (Project) - Cycle for Work - Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

Supporting Local Groups



We connect people/companies, who wish to give something back to their community, with local groups and charities working to improve the lives of people in Calderdale.

If you would like to see your money make a real difference to local people, we can ensure that your philanthropy is directed towards:-

  • specific groups of people
  • people in particular areas
  • issues that are important to you

There are several ways to give:-

If you would like to make a single donation you can do so with the blue "Donate" buttons located in various places on the website.

If you feel you would like to commit to making a regular donation you can sign up to the Calderdale Pledge by using the pink "Pledge" buttons.

If you are thinking of making a larger donation, we can help you to do it in an efficient and effective way. We could, for example, help you to set up your own fund and then administer it on your behalf to provide on-going, long term, local benefit in accordance with your particular preferences. You can read about the various types of fund HERE. If you are considering this type of donation please contact our CEO, Steve Duncan, he will be happy to provide further information and guidance on how best to proceed.


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