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Working with local businesses in Calderdale

Your Community Foundation

Investing in Calderdale Communities. This is your community. This is your Community Foundation. Welcome.

Award Winning Foundation

Winners of the Halifax Courier Community Spirit Awards 2013 - Best New Charity (Project) - Cycle for Work - Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

Supporting Local Groups


Community Foundation Grants & Funding

The Community Foundation for Calderdale, with over 20 years of expertise, experience and local knowledge, is able to provide effective grant making for local organisations with charitable purposes. We aim to connect the people and organisations that provide our funding with local causes that matter.

You can apply for some of our grant programmes at any time; others are only available for short periods or at specific times. You can see which grants are currently open for applications by visiting the "Grants & Funding Available 2013" page.

If you are applying for a grant, please remember to submit your application well in advance of the planned start date of your project. We try to process applications as quickly as possible but it can typically take 8 - 12 weeks from initial application to final decision. You can view/download a document HERE showing the 2013-14 deadlines for grant applications.

If you would like to apply for a grant, you can do so with the button below:-

If you have already received your grant and are now ready to submit your evaluation, please read the information HERE .

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"In the current environment of public sector cutbacks and fast-paced change,

the role of the Community Foundation becomes more important than ever in ensuring that gaps in provision aren’t created and needs left unmet.


"To achieve this, we will continue to work very closely with our generous donors, dedicated grant recipients and community partners across all sectors.


"Together we will ensure that Calderdale remains a wonderful and caring place to live and work."

(Leigh-Anne Stradeski, Chair of the Community Foundation)

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