Eligible Groups and activities

The types of groups that can apply are:

  • Constituted voluntary, community and faith groups run for and by local people (Note: Individuals cannot apply)
  • Registered charities and groups with charitable purposes working in Calderdale
  • Community Interest Companies (CICs) who do not, and cannot, pay dividends
  • Schools which are Academies (but not schools which are in Local Authority control

Please read the Community Foundation for Calderdale guidance for additional guidance on eligibility. 

Projects which could be supported under this brief include

a) part or full funding for renewable energy installations, building refurbishments work such as LED lights, insulation, double glazing, improved lighting and heating controls and high efficiency boilers.

b) Fees relating to professional support needed for feasibility work/project payback/business case development are also eligible.

Fund value and allocations

The Fund in its first year will have a total pot of £18,000 In the first year, we invite applications up to £5k.

Application process

The Fund will launch on 5th June, the Closing date for applications will be 16th July, with decisions expected late July/Aug. Applications can be made using the “Over £1,500” online application  here


OVER £1500


Applicants need to read the Application form guidance below, which details how to answer the application form questions.

Application Form Guidance

The “Over £1,500” application form asks particular questions relating to your project proposal, this guidance is to show you where to put information that shows you are meeting the criteria for this fund. These questions are in Section 2 of the Application form:

(a) How will you spend this grant to address the need in your area, bearing in mind the vital signs priorities? Please detail the project you intend to carry out, what type of energy project you want to do, and also refer to how the project relates to the Vital Signs theme around “Environment”, details of which are on the webpage for this fund see page 73-80 here  http://www.cffc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/fINAL-full-report-version-for-board-copy-3.pdf

(b) Please explain how you know that the people in your community want this project/activity and what evidence have you collected to demonstrate this, bearing in mind the vital signs priorities? Please detail the evidence you have that this project will save energy and reduce the carbon footprint.

(c) What positive changes would this grant make to the lives of people who use your project/service? Please detail how you think this project will make a positive improvement for the people and community you work with.

(d) How do you see this project/activity progressing after this funding comes to an end or do you see this as a one off project/activity? Clearly saving energy etc will improve sustainability, please detail how you see this happening for your project.

For Section 3, which is about impact, please choose the “Environment” Vital Signs theme.

Fund acknowledgements

All successful applicants will be required to follow the PR protocol that CFFC has adopted, see http://www.cffc.co.uk/portfolio/grant-acknowledgement-requirements/

In addition, those who access funding from this source should acknowledge the support of – The 6C Energy Partnership – Calderdale Council In publicity relating to the funded item(s). Funders’ logos are available from Emma@cffc.co.uk

Suppliers Information

CFFC and CMBC are unable to recommend specific suppliers for the purchase of equipment etc, under this fund, however, we can provide guidance to help you:

a) Schools (and Academies) Although Friends Of School groups and Academies are potentially eligible for this fund, we would encourage them in the first instance to consider an application Salix Finance. This government-backed organisation offers zero-interest loans. Salix Finance has £25 million available for schools loans and no threshold for maximum loan amounts. Salix can offer zero-interest loans to any group where the energy bills are paid by the public sector. https://www.salixfinance.co.uk/

b) Eligible Technology A wide range of technologies can be supported by this Fund as indicated by the list below.

If you would like to seek funding for a technology not included on this list, please contact the scheme funders in advance of submitting your application to check that this will be acceptable.

Click here for the list Project Type PDF

Renewable Energy

We would always recommend that people use a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registered installer. You can find MCS registered installers online here: http://www.microgenerationcertification.org/consumers/installer-search

Heating & Electrical System Work

We would always recommend that people use a Gas Safe registered supplier (https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/) or a registered electrician (https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/find-an-electrician/) for any work on heating or electrical systems