Thanks to the generous donations of individuals and businesses, over £3m of grant aid has been awarded to thousands of people across the Calder Valley. The funds have helped individuals, families, charities and businesses who were devastated by the boxing day floods recover.

Support has included 1358 emergency grants, which were awarded in the immediate aftermath, and a further 275 grants were awarded to people who were unable to stay in their homes. Hundreds more people were given replacement white goods, carpets, and furniture or recompensed for items destroyed in the flood.

Over  300 Top Up Resilience grants have been awarded helping make homes better protected against future risks of flooding.

Calder Valley Search and Rescue has been provided with £60,000 of funding to purchase a much-needed emergency vehicle.

A scheme to help those who were unable to get flood insurance has been set up. Flood Save is a match funded savings scheme for those at risk of flooding, in the event of a flood this money will be used match fund *100% of savings made by members. (Up to £2,000)

A mental health project in Todmorden has been set up supporting those who have been affected by the flood. Offering counselling, workshops and drop-in sessions.

Local businesses many of whom are staffed by residents who themselves were flooded have also been supported with, mini appeals, match funding and grants.

Here are a few of the extraordinary things the Flood Fund has Supported. Thank you to all who donated.

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