The Community Foundation for Calderdale has allocated up to £170k to fund projects that will tackle the problems of isolation of older people (over 60 years old for the purposes of this programme) in our District.
Isolation and loneliness are recognised nationally as one of the key problems of our time, in Calderdale this is as relevant as anywhere else.


In developing this fund CFFC arranged a discussion event on 15th March 2017, which was attended by 32 people representing Public, Private and Voluntary Sector organisations working with older people in Calderdale.
Attendees were asked to discuss a series of questions the answers to which would help frame the priorities and criteria of the Fund.
The results of this consultation has been the basis of the fund priorities.


The £170k available will be allocated along these lines:

i. An allocation for Community Transport and access initiatives (to include costs of care workers and Personal Assistants to accompany people on activates etc) of £40k over the two-year period.
ii. Develop existing and new befriending/good neighbour’s schemes £40k over the two-year period.
iii. Micro-commissioning fund £50k over two years: three area-based user led groups (Halifax; Upper Valley; Lower Valley).
iv. Network and Partnership support £20k over two years. This is to include a)facilitating micro-commissioning; b) Developing/supporting new and existing networks for organisations involved in this field; c) facilitating a Partnership approach to this programme.
v. There will be further funding available of £20k plus for a third year of aspects of the programme, to be confirmed.

Applicants can apply for 1, 2, 3 or 4 of these pots.
Where applicants are applying or more than one pot, they will not need to make more than one application but will be expected to indicate on the application form and Supplementary Application which pots they are bidding for.


i. Applicants complete an online CFFC application form
ii. Applicants complete the Supplementary Form for this fund
iii. CFFC receives an application and supplementary application and all required documentation all by 12 pm 30th June 2017.
iv. CFFC reviews all applications to establish eligibility, those ineligible at this stage are informed. 7th July 2017.
v. CFFC assess all applications and complete scoring etc: 14th July 2017
vi. All scored eligible applications are sent to the CFFC Grants Panel: 21st July 2017
vii. Grants Panel decisions collated and Applicants informed 1st August 2017
viii. Project contracts drawn up, projects start by 1st September 2017.


For further information:
Contact the grants team:, or
Telephone 01422 349700