How it works
Charities, Community Land Trusts and housing co-operatives can apply for grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 to make a change in your local area. The applications will be reviewed and voted on by a regional Community Board, made up of Nationwide members, colleagues and local housing charities. And it’s more than just money, the funded projects will also get community and volunteering support.

Who we will fund
This fund is open to registered UK charities, Community Land Trusts and housing co-operatives.
Partnership and consortia are encouraged to apply. There will be a lead partner that submits the bid and will manage the funds if successful. Lead partners must be an eligible entity but can partner with: statutory organisations, housing associations, companies limited by guarantee with charitable objectives, community interest companies, constituted community or voluntary sector groups. Partnerships should be established before applying.
As a building society, Nationwide takes all necessary steps to prevent financial crime. To do this, they will instruct their third-party payments provider to run due diligence checks on successful organisations before any payments can be made.

This fund is not open to:
• Projects run by organisations which are not UK registered charities, Community Land Trusts or housing co-operatives. Organisations who wish to gain charitable status before the Nationwide Community Board meets to assess projects will be considered. Your local Community Foundation may be able to support with this
• Individuals or individual sponsorship
• Activities connected to a political party
• Activities generating private profit
• Organisations operating outside the geographical boundaries of the fund
• Organisations with a religious affiliation are welcome to apply but we do not fund religious activities and we will prioritise projects which benefit all possible target beneficiaries irrespective of religious belief.

For the shortlisting process, we will prioritise organisations that:
• Are based in the local community
• That can evidence knowledge of local issues and have a network of local connections
• Illustrate a clear link to Nationwide’s ambition for everyone to have a place fit to call home and can demonstrate the impact their project will have on the local community
• Plan to use original and creative approaches to address local need
• Have robust plans to measure and report on the difference the grant will make
• Can demonstrate sustainability beyond the life of the grant, by building the skills of staff and volunteers, diversifying funding streams and providing long-term solutions for the people they are helping
• Have projects/ideas that have the potential to be used by others across the country
• Support the creation, evaluation and research of new ways to challenge the housing crisis in the UK

Before you submit your application you may find it useful to take a look at some of the projects previously funded by the Nationwide Community Grants programme, you’ll find a summary of these at

What we will fund
• Core costs – budget for running and facility costs, office equipment, supplies, any travel and accommodation, printing etc.
• Staff costs for the lead partner – budget for staffing, including full-time staff, part-time staff, project delivery staff costs and other related expenses, e.g. translation2.
All staff costs must be paid at least the Real Living Wage determined by the Living Wage Foundation
• Development and capacity building costs – budget to help build capacity and sustainability of organisation e.g. staff/volunteer training, external consultancy fees.
• Volunteer costs – budget for reimbursements of expenses, e.g. telephone calls, travel and meals.
• Activity costs – budget for resources to facilitate a project/activity that falls outside capital, volunteer or staffing costs, e.g. catering, insurance.
• Small-scale capital costs – budget for small-scale setup costs including one-off expenses for equipment or fixed assets that may have used or benefit beyond the life of the grant/one financial year, such as computer hardware. This can also include perishable capital, which are items that are required for the delivery of a project, such as paint, paintbrushes and gardening equipment.
• Building works and refurbishment costs will be considered where they are essential to the successful delivery of the project.
The funding period is between one and two years. Nationwide will part-fund project costs of over 50% of the total project cost, but organisations must be able to secure the remaining project costs within two months of the award.
1 No more than 20% of the awarded grant should be spent on core costs. This does not include staff costs which should be treated separately.
2 Staff costs will not be funded for statutory organisations, housing associations or constituted a community and voluntary sector organisations, that are applying in partnership with an eligible entity.

What we won’t fund
• Major/large-scale capital costs – vehicles, land, property.
• Retrospective costs – reimbursement for costs already incurred.
• Over 25% of your annual income.
• Less than 50% of a total project cost, project costs of over 50% will be part funded if the organisation can secure the remaining project costs within two months of the award.

The extra information we’ll need
We’ll ask for these supporting documents to be uploaded with your application:
• A copy of your most recent annual accounts
• Copies of the previous three months bank statements in your organisation’s name
• A copy of your governing documents
• Copies of your safeguarding (if you will be working with children or vulnerable adults) and equal opportunities policies. Guidance can be found on UKCF website
• A high-resolution version of your organisation’s logo and high-resolution photos that represent your organisation’s work. These should be an .eps or .jpeg in 300dpi and CMYK colour

If you have any concerns about the information in your application being used publicly, please ensure you make us aware by contacting your local Community Foundation.

How your application will be assessed

This process will be used to assess the applications and award grants:
• All applications and supporting documents need to be submitted by the date specified on our website
• Your local Community Foundation will shortlist applications, assessing against the eligibility criteria and priorities of the programme
• A regional Community Board will review the shortlisted applications and decide which projects will receive grants from Nationwide. The Community Board is made up of Nationwide colleagues, members, local housing charities and experts on a volunteer basis and supported by representatives from local Community Foundations
• At each stage of the process, the decisions of the local Community Foundations and the Community Board are final, with Nationwide having final absolute discretion as to whether to award the community grant.

How we use your personal data
By completing this application form, UK Community Foundations and its network partners will use the personal data about you and other individuals named in your application to assess and administer a grant application for Nationwide’s Community Grant programme. Personal data about your management team will also be used for identification, debt tracing and the prevention of money laundering. To support with this, searches (e.g. to verify your identity) may be made with third parties, including publicly available sources. If your application is successful, your details may also be used to contact you to gain your thoughts on the effectiveness and impact of the programme.
When necessary, personal data collected through the application process may be shared with the regional Community Board, Nationwide Building Society, The Nationwide Foundation, Charities Trust and with other third parties where the law permits or requires it.
Any photographs and commentary provided to support your application may include personal data relating to individuals supported by your organisation. These photos, logos and details may be used in promotional material created in relation to your application and may be shared with Nationwide members and via Nationwide Building Society, UK Community Foundations and its network partners’ websites and literature.
We will only use your information where we have a legal basis to do so, for example, to carry out our legitimate business interests to manage and promote our Community Grants or to meet our legal or contractual obligations. By providing any personal data about another person you are confirming that they understand how their data may be used and shared.
You have certain rights when it comes to your personal information. This includes rights to access and correct your information, and to erase, transfer, object to, restrict or take away consent around how we use your information. Please contact your local Community Foundation ( if you or anyone named in your application have any concerns with the information being used publicly or if you wish to exercise any of these rights.

How to Apply

We are working with our partners the Community Foundation for Lancashire and Merseyside to deliver this funding, you will be transferred to their website to apply.

Apply Here

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