What are the grants for?

The overall aim of these grants is to make a welcoming Calderdale for asylum seekers and refugees in the area. The fund has been split into two streams. There will be one large grant (£50,000) with the primary aim of funding a worker to support integration, awareness raising and dispersal. There will also be a selection of smaller community grants £500 – £5,000 per grant to enable local voluntary, community and faith sector groups to develop their skills and the support they’re able to provide to asylum seekers and refugees.

What is the aim of the large grant? How much funding is available?

The large grant is to support asylum seekers’ and refugees integration in Calderdale. This would include holding a caseload of people who may be in need of support as well as working with locally-based community and faith organisations to help build the integration support they are able to offer. Immigration advice would not be expected. Ideally, this post will be over a maximum of two years. A total of £50,000 is available to one organisation.

What is the aim of the community grants? How much funding is available?

The smaller community grants are to enable locally-based community and faith organisations to help build the integration support they are able to offer to asylum seekers and refugees. This support might be anything from a safe, well-promoted local group for asylum seekers in need to contact, an offer of befriending or to a local project to increase the community understanding and cohesion around asylum and migration issues. Organisations can apply for between £500 and £5,000 the grant can be used over 2 years a maximum of £5,000 an be applied for. We are looking for applications at both the lower and upper ends of these limits, and a total of £58,000 is available.

Will all successful applications be funded by the amount they requested?

Not necessarily. If you are successful with your application, you may not be awarded the full amount applied for. You should bear this in mind when putting your bid together.

Can an organisation apply for the large grant and a community grant?

No, we ask that organisations apply for the grant fund they feel best suits their specialism.  

Who can apply for a grant?

These grants are only open to the voluntary, community and faith sector in Calderdale. We will be looking for organisations that are run for the benefit of their members or service users, not to make money for the people who run them.

  • Check that your group fulfils the eligibility criteria HERE
  • Please note we will also be asking for an equalities and diversity policy. 
  • Check that your group can provide all the documentation/information that will be required to support your application, the details are HERE
  • Before applying please read our Conditions of Grant Aid 

Can organisations with little or no experience of working with asylum seekers apply for a grant?

For the community grants, we would like to encourage applications from organisations with little or no experience of working with asylum seekers and refugees. It is more important that you have experience in working with and supporting your local community. We’re looking to support the integration of asylum seekers and refugees into the communities you already know so well. For the large grant, we are looking for an organisation with experience of community development and support in the context of integration.

Will there be training available on the issues facing asylum seekers for successful community grant applicants?

Yes, we would expect all community grant recipients to attend training to increase their understanding of integration and wider issues facing asylum seekers and refugees in Calderdale. This will be provided free of charge.

How do these grants link to Calderdale being a Valley of Sanctuary?

We would expect all grant recipients to work closely with the Valley of Sanctuary to ensure local projects and organisations support the Valley of Sanctuary vision.

Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary has been launched as part of the City of Sanctuary movement, which is a committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for refugees seeking sanctuary from war and persecution. These local groups from boroughs, towns and cities across the UK and Ireland work to create a culture of welcome across every sphere of society. Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary creates opportunities for relationships between local people and those seeking sanctuary, leading to greater understanding and support from the host community. A large part of the work is to ask organisations to sign a pledge supporting Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary and do something practical. This could be a number of things:

  • inviting someone from St. Augustine’s Centre to talk to your staff; myth busting and offering a real insight into what life is like for people seeking sanctuary
  • working proactively to ensure asylum seekers and refugees can access your services with minimal barriers
  • finding opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees to volunteer within your organisation, or get involved with your work in other ways
  • offering work placements or apprenticeships to refugees
  • becoming involved in the Valley of Sanctuary Steering Group

To find out more about the Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary visit their Facebook page

What is the closing date for grant applications?

All applications and supporting documentation must be received by Monday 8 January 2018 12 noon.

How will the award decision be made?

Each application will be evaluated by Council officers and the Community Foundation for Calderdale.

When will I know if my application has been successful? 

 We will notify applicants about award decisions by March 2018. 


For guidance in completing the online application form please call the grants team on 01422349700.

Please use the buttons below to apply, it is important that you complete the your application on the correct form.

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