Strong comms title

Measures of a strong community include a stable and productive local economy, good housing and health and safety but perhaps harder to measure is the community cohesion which binds the community together. Factors that influence cohesion are; how well people get on with each other, how content they are with where they live, how they influence local decisions and how they help others.

The data shows an increase in the amount of people registering to volunteer in the community, however only 26% of people felt they could influence decisions affecting the local area. 55% of people agreed that Calderdale is a place where people from different ethnic backgrounds get on well together.

Worryingly 24,059 older people in Calderdale are experiencing loneliness or isolation, with data predicting that by 2037 25% of the Calderdale population will be over 65, which is an increase of 7% levels of loneliness and isolation could rise sharply.