The CFfC's Contribution to Helping the Victims of the 2012 Flooding

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  • November 12, 2012

The CFFC kick-started the Upper Valley Flood Fund with a sum of £10,000. To date, this fund has grown to £140,000 with contributions from local companies, the various Councils of Calderdale (Including Calderdale Council, Todmorden and Hebden Royd) the general population of Calderdale, and groups from across the UK and internationally.

The CFFC managed the fund, offering  individual Flood Relief grants to households with an average value of £291 and replacement white goods for those damaged in the flooding. To date the CFFC has handled and approved 231 applications for Flood Relief grants, amounting to a total sum of £55,055. Also using the Flood Fund, the CFFC distributed cleaning materials and other equipment including rented Dehumidifiers with total costs being £12,000.

In the immediate emergency response phase, Community Foundation staff supported volunteers working with affected householders, responded to grant applicants within 3 days, issued emergency grants to voluntary organisations to enable them to provide emergency help so that they be up and running, to serve the affected communities, as quickly as possible.


Community Foundation staff provided specialist advice and support about, and for, affected areas, in relation to vulnerability and financial support. The fund enabled people to respond through generous donations.

After recovery from flooding was well underway, the fund was used for Flood Resilience grants. However relief grants and white goods were still provided on a case by case basis for flood recovery. The resilience grants provide up to £150 toward the implementation of more permanent flood defences for individual households such as flood boards. To date a total of 27 Flood Resilience applications have been received and those approved amount to a total sum of £3,750.

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