Yorkshire: A rich and varied landscape

Yorkshire is a place of great contrasts: from landlocked valleys to coastal regions; from one of the largest cities in the UK to the smallest of villages. It encompasses farming, traditional industries and vibrant new economies including energy and TPF_YORKSHIREdigital technology. Its 5 million inhabitants can be found living in the thousands of villages, towns and cities that give the Region its strong regional identity.
It is no surprise, therefore, that the issues in local communities are equally as diverse: the significant deprivation in some of the inner city communities; isolation and lack of access to services in the more rural parts of the region; issues to do with poor health and educational under-achievement; and a growing concern about the increasing gap between areas of extreme wealth and poverty, co-existing side by side.Yet, at the same time, the Region is fortunate enough to be home to at least 15,000 charities, community groups and social enterprises, working hard each day to tackle these and other issues and improve the lives of local people.
The Philanthropy Fellowship in Yorkshire will enable us to work closely with a wide range of individuals, families, established trusts and foundations, as well as with businesses and other organisations. We will learn more about what impact they want their philanthropy to have, and will be able to introduce them to the work of some amazing community projects tackling a wide range of issues, often in new and innovative ways. We will be on hand to provide advice and support, to help develop a greater knowledge and understanding of philanthropy. Our aim is also to raise the profile of philanthropy and encourage a “spirit of giving” across the Region, whether that be of money, time or expertise.

The creation of The Philanthropy Fellowship has been made possible through the generous support of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation under UK Community Foundations’ Time to Give programme.