Why Give Locally

We hope you share our passion for supporting people and causes in Calderdale who are most in need of our help. With so many good causes and fantastic work being done here in Calderdale by the voluntary sector, it can be hard to know where to lend your support.

Local community groups and charities can tackle very difficult issues and have a huge impact on local communities. Girl next stepWe work with groups to understand what they need to be able to deliver lasting change and have the greatest impact.

From the arts and literacy to disability and environmental protection, from training and development to communal activities and sports – and so much more – there is an abundance of worthy potential recipients seeking assistance from our permanent funds.

There is a huge need for philanthropic and charitable support at this time in Calderdale.

Key indicators that CFFC will see an increase in funding applications from the voluntary sector are: 

Calderdale Councils annual budget has had to be reduced by £40.5 million since 2010, £21.6 million in extra savings by March 2016. Spending in 2016 will therefore be 28% less than in 2010.

NHS cuts & Council budget cuts mean that Voluntary organisations have fewer possibilities of gaining funding through Food bankthe local council. Calderdale council gives out small grants – budget of £70,000 a year (2013) – grants of up to £3,000 available (priority for those with incomes under £10,000 a year). Smaller VCS groups, which support the local community, have therefore seen their chances to get funding reduced while their responsibilities increased.

For larger groups funding is also hard to come by, EG: Supporting Preventative Projects – Calderdale Council had £375,000 available over 3 years, 38 applications for £2,086, 561. Only 8 groups received funding so as to keep within the budget of £375,000 between 2012 and 2015.

Children and Young People Services see cuts of £975,000 in 2013/14 (rising to £1.68 million in 2014/15 and £2.71 million in 2015/16).

While spending on Adults, Health and Social Care services will be cut by £850,000 in 2013/14, £2 million 2014/15 and £4.5 million 2015/16.

Economy and Environment budget cut by £1.41 million (2014/15) and Communities budget by £200,000 (2013/14) and £2.12 million (2015/16) Calderdale Council is required to cut its spending by £21.6 million by 2016.

At a time when cuts are being felt across Calderdale the Social Deprivation Index revealed inequality between Wards; unemployed-man-with-signFor Example unemployment rates –

Park (11.9%), Ovenden (9.6%), Town (8.0%), Illingworth & Mixenden (7.4%), and Warley (6.8%). The lowest rates are in Northowram & Shelf (2.5%), Hipperholme & Lightcliffe (2.6%), Calder (2.7%),and Luddendenfoot (2.7%). (data correct as of March 2013).

Child well-being also varies from ward-to-ward eg. 6 LSOAs in Park in lowest 10% nationally based on this measure whereas 2 LSOAs in Skircoat were in the top 10% nationally.


There has been an  increase in the number of people providing unpaid care from 2001 to 2011. 2001: 1-19 hours of unpaid care provided by 13,890 people, 20-49 hours by 1,970 and 50+ hours by 3,888. 2011: 14,170 1-19 hours, 2,69020-49 hours, 4,509 50+ hours.

carersDisability/Long-Term Health Problem – 36,600 people have their daily activities limited to varying degrees due to long term health problems.

Increase in the numbers of people aged over 65 – an increase of 8% to 32,400 can be seen from 2001, with current estimates predicting the figure to be around 37,000 by 2015.

Youth Unemployment; October 2012 – 1,865 unemployed which constituted 28.6% of total number of unemployed.


Household Income – 24% of households in Calderdale had an income of less than £15,000, and 13% an income below £10,000. The median income (the income of the middle ranking household) was £27,400, compared to the GB figure of £29,000.

Why Choose CFFC to donate to?

Since the Community Foundation For Calderdale began in 1991 we have worked with thousands of groups across the borough and awarded over £17 million in grant aid. Including raising and distributing £150,000 during the flooding in 2012/13, we supported over 500 flood hit homes in the Calder Valley. You can read our Flood Needs assessment carrier out with recipients of the grant aid here. 

We are dedicated to effecting change, creating opportunities, and supporting those in need in Calderdale. That is why every penny raised in Calderdale, stays in Calderdale. 

As a donor to the Community Foundation for Calderdale you will be able to see first-hand the difference your donation is making, you will receive regular updates, you may visit the projects you have funded to meet the people who are putting your gift to great use.

A donation to the Foundation really can change lives right here in Calderdale for example:

Rotary In Calderdale were awarded a grant to run the shoe box appeal, the appeal asks local residence to fill a shoe rotarybox with food, soaps, toys etc, the boxes are then distributed to local vulnerable people in Calderdale.

Here is what they said about the grant: “The project was very successful, 16 Primary Schools and students helped fill boxes and the feedback from the schools was very positive. The public response was fantastic, just goes to show the capacity for giving that is in all of us, to help the less well off. Over 2000 boxes were distributed in Calderdale last year.

St Georges Youth Project were awarded a grant to work with young people who were at risk.

st georgesHere is what they said about their grant: All members of the family we are working with have low aspirations and self-esteem.  The adults in the home don’t work and both misuse cannabis, allowing the lads to do the same.  The family have no boundaries in place, routine or stability.  The lads don’t have a bed time and the adults sleep downstairs on the sofa.

The older lad (16) should be in his final year at school but because he keeps leaving Halifax to live with his dad on and off he has never been picked back up by the educational system, giving the younger lad a reason to refuse to go to school and kick off.   Mum has got a history of depression and throws money at the lads to try and make up for the family downfalls but it is money she hasn’t got.  Budgeting skills are a major issue as is spending priorities.  Domestic violence has been reported and the family are known for not engaging with services.

In October 2012, through the community project the older lad attended a training provider to learn basic plumbing. plastering and tiling skills. He completed 4 weeks of the 10 week course before packing it in.
Intensive family support work for the family started first with an emergency call to provide food, heating and a bed to the family throughout the Christmas period.  Staff had discussions with housing regarding the state of the house and arrears.  A referral to the MAZE project was made with consent regarding domestic violence.
In February 2013, Mum started to attend the community drop in just for a coffee and a chat to start off with.  Now she attends with her older son.  They are currently working through functional skills.  Mum’s partner has completed his CV through the project and is now actively looking for work.

Project Challenge were awarded a grant to support a young person in am apprenticeship.

Here is what they said about the grant: Project Challenge have run a very successful apprenticeship programme project challenegfor one young man.  He completed his Level 2 in Youth and Community work and has now gone on to do his Level 3.

We have very high hopes for this young man and he is now in a full time permanent position and is about to undertake his Mountain Leaders qualification in September.


We make donating to Calderdale groups simple, we provide you with peace of mind by carrying out all the necessary checks prior to awarding any grants to groups. We work with the groups we fund on an ongoing bases to measure and report on the impact of each grant.Our expert knowledge and over 20 years experiences, means that we can  provide you with all the information you need, whether it be about local needs, which groups are working in different areas, or who is tackling different  themes.

Using a wealth of research and experience, our expert Development Team helps you connect with those in targeted ways that suit you. Effectively. Efficiently. The Team comprises: Steve Duncan DL (CEO); Rob Billson (Grants and Donor Services Manager); Emma Bolger (Marketing & Business Development Manager); Board of Trustees .

By donating to CFFC you will avoid any legal and administrative expenses of setting up a charitable trust, this includes reviewing applications, responding to applications, providing funding, and following up to evaluate the impact of the grant.

There are many ways to support our work, to find the best solution for your charitable giving please click here.

Alternatively you can call Steve Duncan CEO on 01422349700, to arrange an appointment to discuss your philanthropic giving.