Here is what 1 local respected business leader said about his reasons for signing up his team to our ‘Inspiring Fundraising & Philanthropy Conference at Dean Clough’

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  • February 18, 2014


Thank you for the invite to the “Inspiring Fundraising & Philanthropy” National conference at Dean Clough on the 11th March.

As a business owner my first instinct was to say Thanks….but no thanks. What has fundraising and philanthropy got to do with me and my business? I thought I’m sure it will be a lovely day out for all those charity works……

Then you asked me to invite all my staff too……Imagine the Corporate Social Responsibility benefits you said……. Then you told me it would be in the day. So not only will I be paying for my staff to come, but also paying them all day not to work too. I have to admit CSR just isn’t that crucial to this 7 person business.

But then……

When I looked a little deeper I saw:

–          You have an MBE and an OBE speaking.

–          You have someone who has taken a start-up (albeit in the charity sector) and generated millions in revenue

–          You have a local businessman talking about how you can still give without actually giving any money

–          You have a section talking about ‘crowdfunding’….. I know a lot of inventors and manufacturers who’d like to find out how they tap into that cash

–          It’s a National conference happening in HALIFAX! (how often does that happen?)

Then came the real kicker for me…….. The price. Similar speakers to these could and have charged £1000’s in speaking fees….. and all you want is a minimum donation of just £10?

I spoke with my staff and explained the event is an opportunity to see how LEADERS think, act and take action. That they’ll learn strategies to be able to put into practice in our everyday business. Yes, we might get a tick for CSR….Yes we are supporting a charitable cause…. but also we are investing in our future and taking a lead from a sector that works incredibly hard.

So we’re in, but probably not for the reasons you might expect!

Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to rubbing shoulders with some terrific attendees and speakers and also to being inspired and taking that back to our customers and suppliers.

Please click on the link above to secure your business place/s on this National Conference on your doorstep…


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