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  • January 29, 2016

Community Foundation for Calderdale - Calderdale Flood Fund (1)

One Million Pounds raised for flood victims.

As the festive cheer of Christmas Day was being washed away in the Calder Valley by the storm which hit early morning on Boxing Day, the Community Foundation for Calderdale launched its emergency response, to give assistance the 2700 homes that were to be affected by the rising flood waters.

The staff of the charity Community Foundation for Calderdale who are leading the relief response immediately return to work leaving behind their Christmas celebrations, to assist in what would become become Calderdale’s fastest growing funding raising appeal ever.

Steve Duncan Chief Executive of the Community Foundation said “Within the first day of launching the statsappeal it had raised £25,000 and thanks to almost 5000 public donations via the Local Giving website and many hundreds of businesses, community groups and individual fundraisers the Calderdale Flood Relief Fund has reached over one million pounds in donations”. The Government recently announced that match funding would be available to charities collecting flood relief monies up to £2m and extended the deadline until February 5th 2016.

The flooding was devastating and caused massive destruction with cars and buildings being pulled into the river and deposited miles downstream. Bridges that had stood firm for hundreds of years were washed away by the sheer force of the water that hit Calderdale, and solders were deployed to assist in the emergency and rebuild defences that were demolished by the flood waters.

The 24 hours following the flooding the charity distributed £3000 worth of cleaning materials to locations worst hit across Calderdale, to assist in the clean-up operation which saw 1000’s of volunteers arrive to support the communities that had been torn apart.

With the appeal fund growing the Foundation were quickly able to begin distributing emergency grant aid of £200 to the homes affected. To date over £210,000 has been awarded to 1050 applicants, with further awards being made daily. Emma Bolger from the Foundation said “We have been visiting individuals who have been affected to deliver the grants of £200, and in doing so you see first-hand just how much people have lost, and in some cases the terrible conditions people are still living in whilst trying to recover, many of whom are elderly or vulnerable”.

Steve Duncan said “The next stage of our support will be to help people replace white goods, carpets, furniture etc as well as further financial support, the road to recovery is going to be a long one but we are dedicated to supporting our community and will continue to raise and distribute funds”.

He continued “It’s a great achievement to reach the million pounds and it will help so many, but the level of devastation is such that we need a lot more to be able to support some of the hardest hit”

To support the flood victims you can visit www.cffc.co.uk and donate online or send a cheque made payable to Community Foundation for Calderdale (Mark the back Flood Fund) 1855 Building, Discovery Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 2NG.

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