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The Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy programme has been designed to stimulate and support the growth of social enterprise in the Region and promote a strong, local economy.

Social Enterprise – It’s just Good Business

The programme has been created by the Community Foundations in Leeds, Calderdale and South Yorkshire, in partnership with ERDF and Key Fund. We are huge fans of social enterprise and believe it is a dynamic way of doing business that can transform local communities and drive profound and lasting so

cial change. Social enterprises already make a significant contribution to business growth in the Region and this programme will support further growth over the coming years.

The aims of the Programme are to:

  • promote a culture of enterprise and entrepreneurship within third sector organisations, particularly those that are in the most deprived communities in the region
  • help establish and support new social enterprises, as well as providing support for existing ones to grow, and
  • increase involvement of the private sector, and successful entrepreneurs, in supporting the development of social enterprises through financial support and the provision of business and professional expertise

The programme consists of financial and practical support for social enterprises including:

  • a database of useful contacts
  • advice and templates to help you develop your business ideas
  • small grants up to £5,000 to support the development of enterprising ideas and plans
  • a combined grant/loan scheme for investments up to £100,000 to support well developed business plans
  • funding to cover specialist advisory costs in areas such as business planning, marketing, leadership, HR and governance
  • pro bono support from the private sector

If you’re a community group with a good business idea, or an existing social enterprise looking to develop your plans, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to apply please visit http://www.cffc.co.uk/pages.php?p=208&t=2

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