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  • September 30, 2016

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we gathered together many of the businesses who have supported the Foundation to honour them and present them with a specially commissioned award. The awards were specially commissioned and have been produced by the very talented Deborah Wilkes. Each award is unique and individual mirroring the ways in which businesses have supported the Foundation.

The story of the award which was roughly shaped as a bowl.25th

Your commitment and giving have been recognised. With the Foundation’s inherent creative motivation, they chose this piece of ceramic art to recognise your contribution.

We chose a bowl shape as a universal symbol of giving and receiving.  The ancient Chun glaze, much admired over the centuries, suited the classic shape, not to mention the iron at its heart, giving it strength and depth of colour.  And then the twist, the story.

The bowl is knocked about a bit, taken out of its expected shape.  It is worked on, refined and restructured and is beautiful in its unique configuration.  Worked on, and the better for it- like all relationships. Accepting and building on change.

Pottery making is an iterative process, building on the previous work, adding layer upon layer:  hand build, mould, dry, fire; glaze, refire;  add script, refire.  It seems to mirror the work the Foundation undertakes with your help.

Ceramic has longevity. Your relationship with the Foundation has longevity- 25 years and going strong. Thank you.

The businesses we chose to honour on the evening have helped make the Community Foundation what it is today whether it be by, supporting the Foundation staff, offering pro bono services, securing legacies or even donating and setting up a fund, they have had a part to play in our 25-year history.

The evening began with a drinks reception in the Mackintosh Rooms at Berties in Elland.

The awards got underway in style thanks to performances from the local charity Northern Orchestral Enterprises, who we fund to work with young people who without our support may not have the chance to learn to play an instrument.

As philanthropy advisors, we wanted to showcase some of the great work being undertaken thanks to the donations of the businesses. We did this by staging a mini Dragons Den, we invited 3 charities tackling our 3 priority themes for funding to pitch for a share of £12,000.

We gave each attendee £75 and asked them to choose which charity to give it to.

We invited St Augustine Centre who were pitching in the Stronger Communities category, Calderdale SmartMove who were pitching in the addressing homelessness category and Mixenden Parents Resource who were pitching in the Tackling Disadvantage and inequality category.

St Augustine attracted £4130, SmartMove £4200 and Mixenden Parents Resource £3670 of real money which was given to them on the night by The Foundation.

We heard from Chris Harris the first CEO of the Foundation and founding member Lord Shutt about the early days and via video link heard from Jeremy Hall at Dean Clough about how they supported our first years.

The Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire Dr Ingrid Roscoe who is president of the Community Foundation for Calderdale also gave a speech about how the Foundation had supported her in selecting local businesses to receive the Queen’s award for enterprise.

Followed by our awards which were made to organisations who have supported the Foundation, many of whom have funds with us.















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