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  • February 27, 2014

Excuse the dramatic subject line.

Clearly Charity work is not dead, however the old ways of doing things in this fast-paced digital era is leaving everyone gasping for breath and wondering what next.

The past 6 years have been harder and harder with grants cut, funding reduced and more competition for less funds.

You may be one of the lucky ones. Maybe you have great systems, processes and funds in place to relieve the pressures and scrutiny of our donor and trustee expectations. Most charities however are so busy having to deal with the here and now, that strategy and how to place you at the front of the queue in future gets put to one side.

Time is short…so I will be brief

I just received an email offering me some pretty generic training in the charity sector, the type you get most weeks. Nice training provider, credible organisation, however the cost to attend was £120 each and this was for 1 specific area.

This is why my colleagues and I felt compelled to put together a brand new & unique National conference on Fundraising & Philanthropy and what it means for Charitable organisations. Guess what…..It’s happening here in Halifax in less than a two weeks time.

I’m still not sure how we did it, but we have managed to pull together a really excellent, on-topic, list of speakers that will final-logoensure that you are at least aware of what is possible in this new digital era. These speakers will show you:

– How they raised millions from a single idea (Don’t be put off by the big numbers, the principles still apply locally)
– How to access and use “crowdfunding” to your benefit, whether you have a charity, store or website
– How to use online methods to drive traffic to your website, people to your shops and more importantly donations to your charity
– How businesses in Halifax got involved beyond money. Creating long term bonds, resources & expertise

We have MBE’s, SME’s and Charities covered, the only thing we are missing is you!

Here’s 3 more compelling reasons you have to be here!

1) Lots of charities are already booked to attend, so whether you want to network or just ensure you aren’t left behind it’s a must
2) Lots of local businesses and entrepreneurs will be there. Looking for a trustee, new donor…you may just find the right person
3) We have set the admission price as a minimum donation of just £10!

This really is an incredible opportunity that sees world-class speakers and ideas right on our own doorstep at Dean Clough.

It is a limited capacity venue though, so be sure to book your space as soon as possible. Once we reach capacity, we’ll have to close the registration

The Community Foundation for Calderdale

Eventbrite - Inspiring Fundraising and Philanthropy - in the 21st Century



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