Grants of up to £1000 to help Calderdale’s Community Covid-19 response Information

Calderdale Council and the Community Foundation for Calderdale have a Fund available for small grants of up to £1000 for voluntary and community groups helping respond to Covid-19. If you are a small group, maybe newly formed in response to Covid-19, don’t have a bank account or a constitution but would like to apply for a grant, please email to see how we can broker relationships to help you.

The fund must be spent on grants for activities that support people with the immediate emergency caused by Covid-19. They are only for groups assisting people in Calderdale. It is essential that any activities planned observe Government guidelines to keep safe and contain the spread of Covid-19. You can read these here:–2

Eligibility to apply
Charities, community groups and not-for-profit/mutual aid groups.
The maximum grant per application is £1000.
Your application form should be filled in online. It will be sent to a panel to consider. You must show it meets these priorities:
The grant must be used to provide benefit to vulnerable members of the local community resident in Calderdale. Please tell us which area or areas it will benefit and which groups of vulnerable people.

We welcome applications from groups working with or looking to benefit hard to reach sections of the community.

Grants cannot cover the cost of food.

Eligible spending includes:
Volunteers’ out-of-pocket expenses, petrol or transport costs, stationery, printing and leaflet costs

For an online application form please follow this link
If you need help or more information please email

Guidance for applying for a grant during the Coronavirus

Please apply either for the grant from Community Foundation for Calderdale OR apply for the CMBC grant which is coming through CFFC, please don’t put an application in for both at the same time.

If you are a larger organisations, especially those who are giving out food, email and check that you should be applying for the grant from CFFC and he will send you the application form.

If you are a smaller, locally based organisation with a turnover of less than £50,000 (for example mainly volunteer led or with 1 or 2 members of staff), and your project is NOT related to giving out food, please apply to the CMBC grant by visiting to complete the application form.

If new needs are clearly identified and you can clearly show that you will soon exhaust funding you currently have and are meeting a need, we will consider top up applications. However, please email before submitting another application so you can discuss this.