Crowd Funding and Crowdfunder – An Alternative Way to Fund Charity Projects

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  • March 17, 2014


Shiva Trust

Shiva Trust spoke to the ‘International Funding and Philanthropy Conference 2014’ about how they’d funded a number of local and international humanitarian projects through the relatively new platform of Crowdfunder.

So what inspired Shiva Trust to look at crowd funding rather than traditional sources of Third Sector funding?

Shiva Trust is a religious organisation based in Rossendale, Hinduism and the teachings of Satguru Sri Ramana being at the core of the charity work that it performs. These teachings make the Trust an advocate for compassion, for helping those less fortunate than themselves extending these principles to humans and animals.

Satguru Sri Ramana

The religious nature of Shiva Trust significantly reduces the number of funds that they are able to apply for. A barrier that a number of other charities with religion informing their guiding principles also face.

Crowdfunding is a way that religious charities can attract funding without having to ‘play down’ or minimise the religious nature of their organisations.

Why else would religious and non-religious organisations use crowdfunding and Crowdfunder?

It’s quick. There is no lengthy application process and no long period of waiting while a decision is made. You either attract the funding within the given fund raising period or you don’t.

It’s easy to use. A good video and your campaign is already nearly ready.

It builds and connects you with an audience of people that are sympathetic to your aims.

The person donating feels as though they get something for their contribution through the reward system. An organisation needs 5 rewards as a minimum requirement.

It’s accessible, people that might not ordinarily apply for funding are able to easily access this stream of funding.

You get the money for exactly what you want it for. There is no performing of ‘gymnastics’ to bend your project’s aims and objectives to fit the fund’s objectives.

Crowdfunder does take 5% of the money raised but for this you do get great publicity and promotion of your project.

How successful has crowdfunding been for Shiva Trust?

Very. Three projects placed on Crowdfunder, three projects successfully launched. Not only that, it has built quality relationships with donors for future projects. See their projects here.

They received an anonymous donation of £51,000 for one project, way beyond anything they could have hoped for.

They are about to put their 4th project, an ‘Empowering Women Project’ on CrowdFunder. Find out more here.

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