Eligibility Criteria

The criteria below apply to most of our grants. There may be additional criteria for some of the programmes we manage for other grant making bodies, in which case, those additional criteria are shown at the bottom of the page alongside the name of the programme.

Who Can Apply?

Constituted voluntary, community and faith groups run for and by local people (Note: Individuals cannot apply)
Registered charities and groups with charitable purposes working in Calderdale
Community Interest Companies (CICs) who do not, and cannot, pay dividends
What We Cannot Fund

Documentation you will need 

  • Constitution
  • Safeguarding policies (Children or vulnerable adults)
  • Accounts/Bank Statements
  • Committee members and contact details
  • Budget/quotes for items they want funding
  • Bank accounts payee name

If you don’t have these documents  Sector Support Calderdale (North Bank forum) can help you please visit  http://www.sectorsupportcalderdale.org.uk/ or phone:01422 345174 E-mail: sectorsupport@nbforum.org.uk

What we can’t fund

  • Retrospective applications (i.e. the funding of activities that have already taken place or the repayment of money that has already been spent)
  • Projects that would normally have been funded from statutory sources (e.g. Calderdale CMBC, the local Education Authority, Social Services or Central Government)
  • Religious activities or projects that promote religion, although we may fund activities carried out by faith groups for wider community benefit
  • Political activities
  • Projects where the main beneficiaries are animals

Appeals – Please contact Rob Billson Grants Manager via email Rob@cffc.co.uk or call 01422 349700 to discuss how to appeal.