FC Halifax Town set to work with young people in deprived areas of Halifax with grant from CFFC

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  • November 26, 2013

The Community Foundation for Calderdale Continues to support young people in Calderdale with educational attainment, self-esteem and better health.

CFFC have recently supported FC Halifax Town Community Group with a £5000 grant to support their football fchalifaxlogo55-35739education initiative. The new scheme is sure to be a success for the future and aims to focus on young people who live in areas from the Town, Ovenden and Park wards.

Two-thirds of the areas in these wards are classed as very deprived and ranked in the worst 10% nationally. FC Halifax Town Community Group hopes to be able to increase the opportunities available for these young people as well as educational attainment, self-esteem and better health. The programme will also give young people a chance to progress into a good job with bright and active career prospects.

The Community Group aim to provide opportunities for children, young people, families, those with learning disabilities and older people, by working with a network of professional bodies and using the power of football to offer these opportunities to the local community of Calderdale.

FC Halifax Town Community Group enable young people to achieve their full potential through sport and education as well as supporting employment and providing volunteering opportunities.

As a club they believe it is important to work with a number of community organisations including schools, charities, local media, and the hospital and have a member of the committee with a role to support disability supporters. This ensures that all local people can support and enjoy the game and can use the club as a platform to showcase their talents.

Community Foundation for Calderdale CEO Steve Duncan says “After our success with the Cycle for Work project last logoyear raising over £100,000 and getting 23 young people into apprenticeships, we were keen to once again be involved in funding a project that aims to provide opportunities to our young people”

He continues “The scheme aims to provide two major educational provisions. First being a BTEC National Diploma in Sport Qualification for 18-20 learners aged 16-18 on a two year academic course. An apprenticeship will also be available for 4-6 young people aged 18-19 years, educated to lead a sustainable coaching programme to schools and junior clubs in the Calderdale community and this is great news for young people in Calderdale”


To find out more about groups who have been funded by CFFC or to apply for funding please visit www.cffc.co.uk

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