Funded group helps stop loneliness

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  • November 26, 2014

Annette’s classes: A brush with the artists

CFFC awarded a grant to an arts group run by Annette Duncan recently, the group supports people who without the class to attend would be socially isolated and could easily become very lonely.

Supporting older people in Calderdale who are at risk of becoming isolated one of the Foundations key focuses for 2014/15. 2197868305

Here we find out from the students themselves what a difference the class makes to them:

After 53 years of marriage and a life of partnership, 76-year-old Julia Crabtree, of Claremount, Halifax, was suddenly on her own after her husband Jeffrey passed away in 2012.

Julia, who has been attending classes for 12 months, was working on an abstract floral painting when I spoke with her.

“I’d been sat at home for too long. Because I had a lot of family support I wasn’t pushing myself to do things for myself. It’s very hard – all my life was spent with someone who I had got into a pattern with – to start making a new life is tough but you have to get out there and do it.

“My friend saw an advert in the Courier and as she knew I was interested in art but just didn’t have the time before as I was caring full-time for Jeff” said Julia.

Full article on the Halifax Courier website by clicking here



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