About the Fund

Before applying for a grant, you need to make sure that your application supports one of the priorities listed below.

Applicants for groups of students must use the Foundation’s standard online application form to apply.
Individuals must complete the Individual Application form available from the College Learner Services.

Who can apply?

• Constituted voluntary, community and faith groups run for and by local people
• Registered charities and groups with charitable purposes working in Calderdale (including Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Industrial and Provident Societies etc)
• Community Interest Companies (CICs) who do not, and cannot, pay dividends. Additional criteria apply to CICs so please contact grants@cffc.co.uk for more details and to check potential eligibility before applying
• College Departments
• Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) whose Governance documents include a clear community benefit clause, open membership and an asset lock
• Student-led groups

General requirements

All groups applying for grants must:
• Intend to carry out projects or initiatives that directly benefit students studying at Calderdale College
• Have a constitution or set of rules for their group
• Have undertaken, or be planning to undertake, a risk assessment of the health and safety and other aspects of their project.
• Provide evidence to support all the costs indicated in their application. Where a single item costs more than ₤1000 two quotations are required
• Ensure that their services and activities are open and accessible to every student

External organisations applying must also:
• Have their own bank account
• Provide annual accounts
• Have a written policy for safeguarding, children, young people and vulnerable adults
• Have a written policy for equalities and diversity
• Obtain authorisation to apply from a College member of staff before submitting an online application

Who cannot apply?
• Organisations whose purposes are not charitable
• Companies limited by shares
• Organisations who have not worked in partnership with staff at Calderdale College in the development of this project. Involvement of students is also encouraged.

How much can you apply for?
There is £12,000 available for awards from the Fund for group applications in 2019:

Maximum grant amount Purpose of allocation Notes

£5,000: Warm clothing grant. To benefit learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.

£7,000: Group applications – 3 projects it is expected funds will be distributed in grants of 1 x £3,000 & 2 x £2,000.

These can be a mixture of revenue and capital and usually should be spent within a 12-month period

What are the priorities for groups and what sort of activities?
Applications for groups of students are welcomed from all community and voluntary groups operating in Calderdale.

Applications for groups must meet one or more of the following priorities:
• Projects and initiatives that support the educational development and well-being both socially and from an educational perspective
• College based projects or initiatives that support health matters and healthy living
• Educational attainment projects including lifelong learning
Your application should show how you will contribute to the priorities above, in terms of outputs, (such as numbers of students engaged, numbers of people accessing educational activities they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access, numbers of new educational attainment projects, numbers of students facing disadvantage who have been supported, etc)

What can we not fund?
• Costs of laptops, PCs etc as these are available at the College
• General appeals
• Retrospective funding – this includes activities that have already taken place or repayment of money that you have already spent
• Projects which would normally be funded from statutory sources, e.g. Calderdale MBC, the Local Education Authority, Social Services, NHS Calderdale or Central Government, or be part of the standard curriculum of any courses at Calderdale College
• Religious activities or projects that promote religion. We will fund activities carried out by faith groups, but these activities must not have a religious element
• Political activities
• Projects where the main beneficiaries are animals
• Projects which do not show measurable outcomes
• Applications from groups which cannot demonstrate the involvement of staff and students of Calderdale College in their development

Application process
⦁ All applications from groups to be submitted by College, or in partnership with College staff, online via the Foundations website.
A member of the Grants Team may contact you contact to arrange a telephone assessment.
⦁ Applications are considered at least once each term
⦁ Applicants for group activities or projects may be invited to make a short presentation to the Panel.
⦁ Applications may be subject to a reference from an independent referee.
All applications for individuals must be completed using the Individual grant application form which is available from the College. This must be completed with the assistance of a member of the Calderdale College Learner Services team.
⦁ All applications are considered by the Calderdale College Education Fund Grants Panel
⦁ Applicants for group projects will be required to attend the Grants Panel meeting. They may be asked to make a brief presentation outlining their proposed project and answer any questions Panel member may have.
⦁ The CCEF Grants Panel may in certain circumstances make a conditional award of a grant. The grant can only be paid when the specified conditions have been met.

If you are successful
• Successful groups must ensure that they acknowledge the support of Calderdale College and Community Foundation for Calderdale in any publicity they arrange
• Successful applicants must abide by the signed Conditions of Grant Aid.
• Successful applicants must send their annual accounts or annual financial report showing the income and expenditure of the award where appropriate and when requested.
• Successful applicants will be required to complete an online project evaluation at the end of their grant. All receipts must be retained and scanned copies uploaded to the online evaluation report when the grant has been spent.
• Non-completion of this online evaluation will result in ineligibility of further grant aid from the Calderdale College Education Fund and from the Community Foundation for Calderdale.

If your application is unsuccessful
You can appeal to the Education Fund Grants Panel if your application has been rejected and you want the Panel to reconsider. Full details of CFFC’s appeals process is on our website.
You must set out the grounds of your appeal, which should relate to the criteria and guidelines described in this document, within 10 days of receiving a rejection notification email or letter, and send these in writing to The Grants Manager by email to Grants@cffc.co.uk
Information about support for individuals is available from Learner Services at Calderdale College.

How to apply
For guidance in completing the online application form please call the grants team on 01422 349700.

You can also get help with your application from the Calderdale Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Support Service (VSI Alliance).
Please note your project must start after the expected date for decisions (this date can be anything up to 12 weeks after the fund closes for applications). We cannot retrospectively fund projects. If you would like guidance on this, please call the grants team on 01422 349700.

for applications Monday 24 June 2019 10am. Panel meeting Tuesday 2 July 2019

Deadline for applications Tuesday 27 August 2019 10am Panel meeting Tuesday 17 September 2019.

Please use the buttons below to apply. It is important that you complete your application on the correct form.

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