General Grants for Calderdale organisations available up to £2,500

NB: We have less funding available for the first part of 2020, so for the grants rounds in January and April it is unlikely that we will award grants of more than £2,500.

Deadline: 3rd May 2020

Please note that:

 1) All documents must be received by 12 noon on 3rd May for your application to be considered by the Grants Panel.

The documents we require are:

  • Organisation governing document (Signed Constitution, Memorandum and Articles of Association etc)
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults/Child Protection Policy (if appropriate, please ask if you’re unsure)
  • Risk Assessment for activity (if appropriate i.e. depending on level of risk, please ask if you’re unsure)
  • Signed up to date accounts (if your organisation is new and doesn’t have accounts we will require management accounts for the last few months prior to your application, or if these are not available a cash flow forecast and a description of how you will manage the funds if awarded)
  • Committee Members Contact List
  • Quotes/Estimates/Costs (where applicable) as outlined in Section 4 of your application
  • Bank Statement to facilitate payment by Bank Transfer – in the event your group is awarded a grant
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Any other supporting documents that you think will help us make a decision on your application

 If you don’t have any of the above documents you need to contact us before the deadline date otherwise your application will NOT be considered.

 2) There is a cap on the maximum grant award of £2,500, please do not apply for more than this amount.

3) Please ensure that your project start date entered into the application is no sooner than 9th March, i.e. 12 weeks after the deadline date. If the project start date is any sooner than this, the application will be deemed ineligible.

4) Please note that we weight our scoring to favour applications from smaller less well funded organisations, and we also tend to favour applications from organisations we have either not funded before or have not funded recently i.e. in the last 12-24 months.”

About the Fund

The General Grants Programme is funded with the income from our invested endowment.

The Community Foundation has moved towards more strategic grant making. We are interested in funding projects which make a real difference to people’s lives and which impact on our strategic priorities, which are:

  • Homelessness and Housing
  • Poverty and Disadvantage
  • Community Cohesion

Applicants are advised to read the Community Foundation’s Vital Signs report, here.

The application form asks you to show how you are contributing to these priorities. If your project does not contribute to these in any way it is unlikely that you will receive funding, in which case your application will be forwarded to our Fund Holders (donors) for their consideration; their decision is final.

How to apply

Step 1 – Check that your group fulfil the eligibility criteria
Step 2 – Check that your group can provide all the documentation/information that will be required to support your application (this is detailed in section 8 of the Eligibility criteria)
Step 3 – Read the guidance notes Under £1,500 or Over £1,501
Step 4 – Before applying please read our Conditions of Grant Aid and How To Acknowledge Your Grant
Step 5 – When you click the apply button, you will be asked to tick a box to confirm that you have read and understood the guidelines and then asked to enter your email address. When you have done so, click the proceed button at the bottom of the page next to where it says, “Send an email and continue”. Within a few seconds, an email will be sent to you – MAKE CERTAIN YOU SAVE THIS EMAIL, as it contains a unique link which will take you to your individual application form. You can use the link at any time to get back to your form.

For guidance in completing the online application form please call the grants team on 01422 349700.

You can also get help with your application from the Calderdale Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Support Service (VSI Alliance).

Please note your project must start after the expected date for decisions (this date can be anything up to 12 weeks after the fund closes for applications). We cannot retrospectively fund projects. If you would like guidance on this, please call the grants team on 01422 349700.

Please use the buttons below to apply. It is important that you complete your application on the correct form.

To apply for a grant of under £1500 please Click Here 

To apply for a grant of over £1501 please Click Here