Helping Hands Given a Helping Hand

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  • October 3, 2013

Helping Hands, Halifax have been given a helping hand this summer by a £970 grant from the Community Foundation for Calderdale.

Helping Hands is a Day Centre for adults with physical disabilities and learning disabilities. The goal of the Centre is to helping_handsdevelop and enhance living skills and encourage and promote independent living. The Centre also provides a social network to improve the quality and enjoyment of life and is open to anyone living in the Calderdale area.

Helping Hands wanted to create a safe and accessible outside space for all service users, which included outside seating, visual/mural panels, raised flower bed features and an overhead canopied area for all year round accessibility to enhance the experience and quality of life for service users. This creative space will promote all Helping Hands service users to sit and work outdoors through choice and achieve-ability. As it is to be created by Helping Hands service users it will have an identity and a sense of value for all to enjoy.

With the help of the grant from the Community Foundation for Calderdale work has now started to create this outside space. Helping Hands service users were all invited to help create this exciting outdoor area, as well as something visually pleasant to go on the mural.

In time it is hoped that in the long term there will be several growing projects taking place within the raised bed areas and woodwork/construction sessions for service users – to create bird boxes and insect hotels. These hand crafted items will not only feature within the Helping Hands outdoor environment, but as commercial products that can be then sold in the Helping Hands charity shop in Halifax town centre.

If you would like to know more about Helping Hands, Halifax please call 01422 366667.

You can support the Foundation in its work with groups like Helping Hands by donating here   or become a business or individual member here 

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