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  • January 2, 2014

We are The Hive

The Hive is a registered charity which opened its doors in 2010. We are run by 2 dedicated, enthusiastic staff members and a board of trustees, who together provide an extensive amount of expertise within the Heath &Social Care Sector. These frontline staff are supplemented by a group of well trained and passionate volunteers.

Initially based in rather cramped conditions in a single unit at The Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre, the negative economic climate made progress difficult. However, with self belief and support from others, The Hive has managed to develop, grow and lay down firm foundations for the future.


Right to the art of The Hive

Due, in a large part, to support and encouragement from the Community Foundation for Calderdale, The Hive has been able to move to larger, more comfortable premises. These premises provide our clients with a warm and friendly environment which encourage learning. They have also provided the opportunity for our clients to improve their Community Shop, which they run on a daily basis. From ordering stock to serving customers, our clients see the shop as their enterprise. This has proven to be a valuable training tool and as a result of the support provided and appropriate funding, our clients are able to develop relevant and valuable skills. such as confidence building, money handling and communication techniques. In turn, this allows them to make a positive contribution towards the local community.


The Hive’s Community Shop

With the level of support The Hive has received over the previous 3 years via funding opportunities from the Community Foundation for Calderdale, and others, we have been able to increase staff hours, improve our surroundings and extend the shop opening times and now feel that we can continue to grow and build towards a very positive future.

rock roll

A lovely contribution from Halifax Rock ‘n’ Roll Club

The confidence shown in us by CFFC has enabled us to access funding from other sources. As a locally based small charity, we would recommend others of a similar size to approach the CFFC as a first step on the road towards success. Along with any available funding, they also provide valuable advice and expertise for most community enterprises.

Come along to see us, you will receive a warm welcome and you may even want to become a part of our exciting project. For further information about The Hive, please call Paul or Jane on 01422-323822.


Councillor Bob Metcalfe meets with

Paul Jackson The Hive’s Manager


Registered Charity No: 1139757


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