#IFP2014, Lee Kenny and Using Social Media

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  • March 12, 2014

Charities and Social Enterprises – Use Social Media Effectively

Social SnowflakeLee Kenny of Snowflake Media in an energetic and entertaining presentation at the ‘International Fundraising and Philanthropy 2014 Conference’ spoke of the importance of the Third Sector engaging with social media as a promotional tool.

It’s virtually cost free after all and represents a dynamic way to get engage with potential supporters of your organisation.

He concluded his session, with five very simple tips for getting the best out of social media:

1) Apply the 90/10 rule – Build Relationships First

It’s essentially a ‘tinkered’ version of the Pareto Priniciple.

90% of what you post should be interesting and engaging content to get people interacting with your social media feeds.

Only 10% of your content should be selling. Effective use of social media is, like most things, about building relationships.

2) Consistency is key

Little and often is far more effective than occasional ‘surges’ of social media activity. If people see that your social media feeds have not been used for a few months then there is the danger that they will think your organisation has ceased to exist. You will also lose your momentum with the relationships that you have started building.

A blog post will follow on Phil Packer’s stress on the importance of building those relationships.

3) Be the heartbeat – Curator not Creator

The internet and social media platforms provide a wealth of information and news, bad and good, for charities and social enterprises to collate. This gives you the opportunity to become a curator of good, relevant content that is applicable to your field. You don’t have to write it all but you can make yourself an efficient co-ordinator of what is available.

By being a curator you can engage with people interested in your field through your social media channels in a much more effective way.

4) Use Software 

Social Media tools like Hootsuite are a great way of investing your time wisely. Your time is precious. Your causes are invaluable. Tools like Hootsuite can help you. For example, Hootsuite allows you to schedule your tweets on Twitter when you’ve a quiet moment and you’re not trying to fix the community centre’s leaking roof, delivering emergency food packages or doing whatever great things you’re doing for your community.

Talking of tools. We used Tweetwally on the day to manage the interactive Twitter wall. Then using a tool called #Hashtracking we were able to see the ‘buzzwords’ for the #IFP2014 conference. Good to see ‘dream’ was one of the oft-featured terms:


And the last of Lee Kenny’s ‘Big Five’?

5) Just get started

As with everything in life, you’ll probably make mistakes but you’ll learn as you go.

Your organisation HAS to be on social media so just get started.

There are plenty of people around to support you who are more than willing to do so.

The CFfC are just one organisation who can point you in the right direction if you feel that you need help getting started with social media.

Good Luck.

And don’t forget the Google adwords grant.  A free way to promote your  cause. It doesn’t take long to complete the application process and it is not a restricted pot of money either.

Blog material courtesy of Lee Kenny of Snowflake Media

Blog post written by Kevin Field







was not only a great success at the event itself

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