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  • January 24, 2014

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Second to feature in our Poverty Action Week showcase are Inn Churches – Homeless Shelter

The Inn Churches Homeless shelter is running during January and February in Calderdale & has been set up to meet the growing need of homeless people here in Calderdale.

Over the last couple of years a number of projects and churches, including the Food & Support Drop In, Halifax Central Church, Salvation Army & Street Angels, have been responding to an increase in people asking for assistance in finding a place to stay.

Research has shown that due to the lack of emergency shelters or hostels in Calderdale people have been left to sleep rough in plummeting temperatures during the winter months.


Dave Fawcett

Dave Fawcett, Chairman,  Christians Together Calderdale Says ”We hope to get to a position very soon where we can offer a homeless shelter in Halifax town Centre on a permanent basis.

We have had an incredible response to volunteers from the churches network, business and private individuals The Halifax Courier has been a great help to.

Our last training session at the Salvation Army attracted x50 new volunteers!!!

So far we have on average 7 guests every night, a mixture of men and women, this is starting to increase due to the cold weather, we had 8 last night and I anticipate we will be full in a weeks’ time.

The project is amazing and we are seeing great results, we have managed to house 4 of our guests so far via foundation housing, who are sending a housing advisor every morning @ 7.30am.

We have also provided all our guests with an evening meal and breakfast every day as well as clothing and a comfy bed for the night. As well as blankets and bedding for those receiving a new property”.

You can support this project in three ways:

1) Make sure every homeless person and connected organisation knows we exist and are referring Calderdale’s homeless.

2) Lobby the council for a building in which we can base a permanent night shelter and day shelter. (Contact me for more details

3) Be kind to the homeless

You can follow the project on Facebook here


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