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  • June 27, 2017

This Commission is to undertake research that will provide an in-depth understanding of the state of the Voluntary and Community Sector in Calderdale.

The Partnership
This commission is a Partnership between the Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) and the Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council (CMBC), the Local Authority for the area.
CFFC is a philanthropic advisor to individual donors and local businesses, an independent strategic grant making body and community leader. And this year we are celebrating 25 years of the Foundation.
Each year we identify priority local needs via our research – Vital Signs and use philanthropy to address those needs.
In partnership with CMBC we want to extend our knowledge of the Calderdale Vital Signs research by gaining a much deeper insight into the Voluntary Sector in Calderdale.

1. Vital Signs
Vital Signs was conducted and produced by CFFC to establish the state of Calderdale across ten priorities themes and to establish where to target its grant making. The objective was twofold for CFFC:
a) to better target our grants at ‘need’ and therefore make more of a difference, and;
b) to be able to show to existing and potential new donors that their money goes where it needs to go.
Because of this CFFC has awarded 3 Strategic Grants and other grant applicants to our General Fund must show how they will contribute to the key priorities (Housing and Homelessness, Poverty and Disadvantage and Community Cohesion).
From a CFFC point of view, this gives us one side of the story, the “demand”, the other side is the state of the “Supply” i.e. an understanding of the coverage, position and context of the Voluntary and Community Sector.

2. VCS in Calderdale
The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in Calderdale (and across the UK) is being affected by austerity measures which have resulted in reductions in spending from the Public Sector and consequent withdrawal and reduction of commissioning of the VCS and in terms of grant awards.
This has meant that some key VCS organisations have had to ‘downsize’, reducing staffing and services.
At the same time, we know that demands on VCS organisations are increasing as more people find themselves struggling financially, etc and the state (Local Authority, NHS, Police, etc.) are less able to help and support in ways they may have done in the past.

3. Objectives of the Research
Interested parties with experience of this type of work, and of working in Calderdale, are invited to put forward proposals for this research.
The Objectives of this research are to provide a clear picture of the State of the VCS in Calderdale i.e.:
a) CFFC and partners to this proposal to be able to provide more information for new and potential donors about what the VCS does in Calderdale, its coverage, its impact, the difference it makes (in relation to Vital Signs themes) etc.
b) To know what the VCS is doing in Calderdale, the geographical coverage, its current impact, its financial position and current level of financial risk, its coverage across the spectrum of need.
c) To provide intelligence as to where the thematic and geographical gaps are, where the key risks and threats are, and where the strengths and good coverage exists.
d) To provide some understanding about the longevity of VCS activity and the potential for VCS organisations to fail or cease operating and the subsequent gaps.
e) To provide an understanding of the economic value of the VCS to the District, its income and expenditure, which VCS organisations own assets and the value of these, the amount of money brought into to Borough, the number of jobs, volunteers supported by the Sector etc.
f) To provide an understanding of current organisational capacity, the current requirement for and type of capacity building and infrastructure support needed.
g) Consequently, CFFC and Partners would be able to use this information to inform their own commissioning and grant priorities and, because it will be shared intelligence, it offers scope for joint initiatives.

4. What do we see the VCS as for the purposes of this work?

The VCS in Calderdale will include:
• Constituted voluntary, community and faith groups run for and by local people, including Unincorporated Associations.
• Registered charities and groups with charitable purposes, working in Calderdale.
• Charitable Incorporated Organisations.
• Community Interest Companies (CICs) who do not, and cannot, pay dividends and have an asset lock in place.
• Industrial and Provident Societies.

5. What would be researched?
We want a picture of the VCS in Calderdale at all levels from small informal, geographic based, one-issue groups up to sophisticated cross Calderdale multi-project organisations.
We want to know what geographic areas they work in, what communities they serve, what themes* they cover, their legal status as organisations, membership, funding and commissioning and trading income, prospects for the next 3 to 5 years, plans for expansion or reduction etc resulting in the objectives shown above being achieved.
We also want to know about the impact and what difference the VCS makes in relation to the Vital Signs themes.
*The themes CFFC are interested in are the 10 Vital Signs areas, which are:
• Work
• Strong Communities
• Housing & Homelessness
• Arts Culture & Heritage
• Education & Skills
• Disadvantage & Exclusion
• Safety
• Local Economy
• Health & Wellbeing
• Environment

6. How will the research be carried out and what would the finished product look like?
We expect to commission an experienced researcher, and/ or organisation, with a track record of this type of work, who will use a variety of techniques and tools.
We can provide an office and workspace at CFFC offices.
We expect the researcher to report to an identified small group of representatives of partners with a timetable of deliverable’s to be decided.
We expect the finished product to be similar in style to the Vital Sigs document, with a “coffee table” edition and a full version. The information will be available online and freely available to download.
CFFC, CMBC and other partners will make available contact details etc of VCS organisations in Calderdale, plus access to tools such as Survey Monkey.
The budget for this commission is £15k, CFFC has set aside £10k and Calderdale Council £5k.
We think this work should take no longer than 4 months, we would like it to be completed by mid-December 2017.

7. What we want from tenders
Those interested in this tender are invited to submit a proposal of no more than 6 sides (A4) to include detail as to how they will meet the objectives and requirements described above. This should include:
a) A description of the methodology and approach proposed,
b) A timetable of activity,
c) A budget,
d) A CV of the individuals involved,
e) Details of previous similar commissions the organisation and/or persons involved have completed and the value of these
f) A reference from previous clients regarding a successful completion of a similar piece of work
We invite people and organisations to submit their proposals by 12 noon 21st July 2017 to Rob Billson,
Shortlisted organisations will be asked to present their proposals to a panel of representatives of the Partners during the week commencing 31st July 2017.

Contact details.
For further information, please contact either Rob Billson (, Steve Duncan (, Sian Rogers ( or by phoning CFFC on 01422 349700.
Community Foundation for Calderdale,
The 1855 Building,
Discovery Road,


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