It’s hard to put into words just how I’m feeling at nearly 10pm the night before Lejog… It’s a strange mixture of excitement, anticipation, a sense that it’s not really happening, but sat around the bikes and cycling gear as I’m writing this blog suggests that it is real and tomorrow all the training will come to a head as we set off at 8am from Okehamton to the start line at Land’s End.


The Cycle for Work project has grown into something very special – the name – the vision – the riders – the people and companies who have got behind it and most importantly the young people we are supporting into jobs. I couldn’t have imagined that we would have 25 young people into jobs and that by taking cycling into schools, and to local companies, and introducing a cycle cavalcade we would have created such momentum and good will.


I want to pay particular tribute to my fellow riders and those that started off in the team but unfortunately had to drop out…  Martin Hague, Roger Moore, Dene Townend, Helen Rossi, Keith midgley and Fred Lyn the team for tomorrow’s big ride have cycled on many many weekend training rides and are giving up nearly 2 weeks to raise funds and awareness of youth unemployment. But then there’s the 2 Andy’s McMenemy and Banks, Tom Warman and Vikki Crayden-Reed who have all played a big part in the year leading up to the start of Lejog tomorrow.


What a journey it has been so far and I am proud of what we have achieved – these next 10 days are going to be tough but I’m sure the memories we will have will be amazing and the young lives we are changing will make the experience that much sweeter.

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