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  • February 14, 2014

February 14th the day of LOVE, this Valentine’s Day we want you to spread the love across Calderdale’s charities and voluntary groups.

Show your community just how much you love it; show them we want to keep supporting the amazing work they do in Calderdale, carried out by people with big hearts and caring minds.

Calderdale is one of the most caring places in the UK – How do we know this?


Every year the kind folks of Calderdale support their community by donating to Community Foundation for Calderdale. By donating anything from £1 – £100,000 they contribute to the grants CFFC have awarded to local charities and groups every year since 1989.

They rally to help in times of crises such as flooding, raising over £150,000 for the CFFC flood fund, enabling us to within 24 hours of flooding distribute emergency grants to those affected in our community.

So this Valentine’s Day lets show our charities just how big our love for them is. Donate to a local charity of your choice by searching on LocalGiving.COM you will find charities of all sizes in Calderdale who would love to hear from you. Click here to find a charity near you

 #SpreadtheLOVE   #LOVEyourcommunity 

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