Ovenden Moor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The Ovenden Moor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund is being managed by Community Foundation on behalf of Yorkshire Wind Power Ltd, a joint venture between Energy Power Resources Ltd and E.ON Climate and Renewables.

Grants of up to £10,000 were available in 2017/18 for general charitable purposes to groups operating or delivering within a 5km radius of the Wind Farm. The Grants Panel considering the applications to this fund is made up of representatives from the fund beneficiary areas.

Groups benefiting from the fund in 2017/18 are:

Wainstalls Conservation Action Group

The £4,000 grant will be used to purchase and install a multi-play unit. The new equipment set to be installed in spring 2018 includes a toddler area with a slide, roundabout, swings and a multi-use unit, and a junior section with swings and a climbing frame. New seating and a bin will also be added, along with a new access path.


Halifax Sailing Club

The £10,000 award will replace the club’s existing jetty with a floating ‘pontoon’ type unit. The jetty forms a vital part of the club’s activities with regard to training and access for less abled and older sailors.
The existing jetty was constructed by members around 20 years ago. It is a static construction which is embedded in the base of the reservoir. Constant exposure to the elements at Warley has weakened the structure and the committee has realised that it will not be safe to use in the near future.

Oxenhope Bowling Club

Club members have to take over maintenance of the bowling green from the Council. However, the club does not have the equipment required to maintain the green in a condition regarded as acceptable for Crown Green Bowling. The grant of £7,813 will be spent on a new mower, specifically for cutting bowling greens, to ensure that members, guests and visitors can continue to use the facilities at Oxenhope Bowling Club and ensure that bowling can continue. Without this, the club cannot provide the facilities required to enable Crown Green Bowling to continue which will directly impact on the wellbeing of those affected.

Illingworth St Marys Cricket Club

In the past four months, the club has suffered two break-ins to the clubhouse and two attempted break-ins as well as many incidents of criminal damage, vandalism and anti-social behaviour to equipment and property which cannot be stored inside the premises, and boundary walls, all at times when the premises are unoccupied. The grant of £10,000 will enable the club to install a high fence along the bottom side of the ground to help prevent unauthorised access to our playing fields. The money will also contribute to the installation of an external CCTV system.

Denholme Community Library

The grant of £1,500 will be used to replace 3 wooden windows with PVC-U.
When the Building was updated in 2014 the Library and the Reading Room was excluded. The group have asked the people who use the Library on what improvements they would like to see over coming years, and the users put these improvements at the top of the list.


Oxenhope Millennium Green Trust

The grant of £2,032 will enable the group to undertake two pieces of work. Firstly, the trees on The Green need to be inspected by a suitably qualified arboriculturist and any required maintenance works completed. Secondly, steps and fencing adjacent to the watercourse running through the site require repair and replacement. It is important that The Green is properly managed and that trees, paths and fences are safe and do not present a risk to the members of the public using the site. Maintaining The Green will enable continued usage by the local community including low-income groups who may use The Green at no cost.

Oxenhope Cricket Club

The grant of £10,000 will be used to purchase a ride-on mower to cut the outfield of the cricket field and the two football fields that are in the adjacent park. The council do not currently cut one of the football fields and the cricket field and have informed the group that cutting of the other football field will also cease in the next two years.


Oxenhope Recreation Football Club

The grant of £732 will enable the club to update the First Aid equipment and sus jackets of one junior team and two senior teams. The grant will help the club to maintain FA & league requirements.



In 2016 a small pilot programme was launched the following groups benefited from the fund.

Whitehill Allotment Association

Whitehill Allotments Association were awarded £1,000 to enable a group of volunteers to maintain the integrity of the central roadway through the site and to allow ongoing safe access to plots.

Group secretary Julie told us “The tenants now have safe access to their plots and the communal path around the lower edge of the site – ditto for school groups which visit and for the community during our open days, social events and charity fundraisers. The site also looks cleaner and tidier somehow due to the renovation of the driveway”.

“Due to the improvement in the safety of access we are able to continue offering the site as an educational venue for local primary schools and for access by the public during our open days and charity events”.

“The tenant at the bottom of the site who has had knee trouble over the years now feels confident to access his plot in all weathers and as secretary, I have not received any complaints re the dangerous state of repair of the path”.


The grant of £1,000 was awarded to support the homeless young people living at Far Shay Farm. The grant enabled them to purchase laptops. Access to laptops will help young people at Far Shay Farm look beyond their current accommodation situation and allow them to start thinking about the future and a future free of homelessness. Without them, residents are hampered by intermittent computer use which isn’t ideal when we want to encourage them to find a job or sign up for an educational course.

Friends of Oxenhope Primary School

A grant of £755 was awarded to create lasting resources for transferring the learning undertaken by pupils at Oxenhope CoE Primary Academy to members of the local and wider communities to promote The United Nations Human Rights convention and its application in promoting strong and diverse communities.