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  • April 4, 2013

We’ve been thinking about potential pitfalls and obstacles to our LEJOG adventure. We’re setting off on the 19th April so not long now. You can find out more about our challenge at www.cycleforwork.co.uk. Even better sponsor us as we’re raising money for apprentiships!


Would be great to hear what the oddest thing that has ever interrupted a bike ride you’ve been on is! Y’know, just so as we can be prepared like. The snow doesn’t count, that’s too easy! I’m thinking more of a runaway buffalo or the such like.

The most amusing entry, as voted for by the Cycle For Work team, wins a Magic Shine MJ-808 Bicycle Light. Use the hashtag #acyclingoddity so we can all have a chuckle. Better do some competition Terms and Conditions! Terms & Conditions Competition opens 04/04/2013  16:00  and closes on 11/04/2014 at 16:00

You’ll need to be living in the UK otherwise it’ll cost us the earth to post your pressie to you. You can only enter once! (Sorry) It’s a family show so keep your entries fairly clean

Don’t keep posting the same tweet at us as it won’t win you any more bike lights or make you more popular We only have one prize! Our judgement is final though good humoured quibbling may be allowed Twitter guidelines say I have to write ‘Void where Prohibited’ so there y’are, we’ve done that No purchase is necessary.

You’d probably better make sure you send your entry to @cycle4work or we’ll never know about your humorous nugget of cycling oddness

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