Pleasant Pastimes to Exhibit at Bankfield Museum Thanks to grant from CFFC

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  • May 1, 2012

The grant has been donated from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Fund which will help to pay towards the costs of an exhibition at Bankfield Museum in September and running at least one workshop there during that time .

The centre piece will be a new altar frontal made by members and designed by in house artist Jane Pugh which will have the embroidered dedication: “Completed in the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth II”.  After the exhibition, the textile will be offered for use during Trinity to St John’s Warley.

Pleasant Pastimes is aimed at older people who may experience frailty, disabilities and social isolation. Many members have not gone through formal education/training and so by taking part once a week in a friendly atmosphere, participants are offered a new way of learning, sharing their knowledge, the chance to keep existing skills active and socialise with each other and sections of the community that they may not otherwise meet. They are keen to learn from the Asian community who have brought beautiful textiles and patterns to Calderdale and to incorporate these in with traditional sewing skills. The group gives regular teaching lessons and an after school club to Whitehill Community Academy which helps encourage the younger generation to gain sewing experience and has provided demonstrations at various events throughout Calderdale.

The group has evolved from the Homespun Yarns project which finished in 2009 and is now based in the Royal British Legion. Jean Butler, chair of Pleasant Pastimes said “We meet every Thursday at the Royal British Legion in Halifax and on the first Thursday in the month we do a ‘drop-in’ session at King Cross Library. We welcome newcomers to come see our work that is in progress in the library and to meet all the current members. As there are currently 11 members in our group and there is room for an extra three, this is an ideal time to put your name forward if you wish to join”.

 Steve Duncan, chief executive of CFFC, said “The Pleasant Pastimes group is tackling the very real issue of isolation amongst the older residents in Calderdale, the grant will enable them to continue this work and we very much look forward to seeing the end result displayed in The Bankfield  Museum in September”

The Community Foundation will be funding many activities and celebratory events for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, a detailed list of events to be announced

More info about grants can be found at follow us @CalderdaleFound or on Facebook at

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