Grant Application Appeal Process 

1. If a Grant applicant wishes to appeal a decision of the Grants Committee (GC) they need to submit a letter of appeal and send this to the Grants Manager Rob Billson 1855 Building, Discovery Road, Halifax HX1 2NG within 10 working days of receiving their notification letter from CFFC.

2. The letter of appeal needs to contain the nature of the appeal and refer to the reasons why the grant was turned down, or not funded fully, and provide extra information and evidence as the basis of the appeal and why the original decision should be reversed.

3. On receipt of this letter of appeal the Grants Manager will inform the CEO of CFFC that an appeal has been received and will send the letter of appeal, the application and original comments on the application to the GC members who must provide a response within 10 working days of the date of the appeal letter.

4. The GC response will be forwarded to the Applicant within 10 working days of the receipt of the letter of appeal.

5. If the Grant Applicant is still not satisfied they must write to the CEO of CFFC within 10 working days of receiving their post appeal decision letter.

6. The CEO will consult the Chair of the CFFC Board of Trustees and conduct an investigation and will respond with a decision within a further 10 working days.

7. This decision will be final and there will be no further appeal.

For further assistance or to discuss your appeal please contact Rob Billson Grants Manager. Email: or Telephone: 01422 349700

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