School Holiday Food Support Grant – Guidance

The project must be supporting vulnerable people in the immediate emergency caused by Coronavirus (COVID 19).

The project must show that it will reduce school holiday hunger and/or food poverty over the summer and have a lasting positive impact on families.

Partnership projects are particularly welcomed.

You will be expected to

· Contribute learning from this project and provide feedback to the Food Poverty Forum

· Collect basic demographic data to cover ethnicity, postcode, age of children, data on number of unique visits and number of repeat attendances and data on signposting to other agencies

· Share data and report back to CFFC and Calderdale Council on the data collected and use of the funding

· Work in partnership with other key welfare support services and emergency food providers, food banks, faith groups and Calderdale Council

· Provide healthy meals / healthy food parcels to families

· Target your offer to where need is greatest considering those disproportionately affected by COVID 19, such as BAME communities and those on the poverty line

· Be visible and accessible to families

· Clearly show how you can support families to build resilience and reduce food bank / parcel dependency

· Provide each family with a contact card signposting them to public health support for families, which will be provided to you

· Follow Government guidance and local guidance on COVID 19

Within your application you should consider the following:

· How you will deliver innovative solutions as well as ‘tried and tested’ ways of working

· How you will adopt a whole family approach, aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of all the family

· How you will promote a healthy balanced diet and physical activity

· How you will utilise resources on the advice of the Public Health team such as Change4Life, Active Calderdale, 50 things to do before you’re five etc

· How you will work with early years providers, Children’s Centres, local schools and family support agencies

· How you will signpost and refer families on to services for support and evidence this is happening e.g. School Nursing, Healthy Start Scheme, CAB, Emotional health and wellbeing services, Health Visiting, Customer First

· How you could build in a process for families to provide feedback on the provision

· How what you are providing to families can be replicated at home

· How you will contribute to reducing social exclusion

· How will you ensure your provision doesn’t lead to embarrassment and stigma for families and children attending or accessing your provision

· How you will address family food insecurity

· How you could encourage families to grow their own food and promote community growing schemes.

You can apply for up to £5k grants.

This is the link to the application form:

The fund opens for applications on Friday 24th July, the first deadline is 12.00 noon on 10th August 2020, we hope to award grants  very quickly. If you need any further guidance please contact the Grants Team om 01422 349700 or email [email protected]