Sector Support Calderdale Training Courses Small Grants 1-Day Course

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  • May 15, 2015

Sector Support Calderdale Training Courses

Small Grants 1-Day Course

10am- 4pm

 21.07.15 Todmorden Town

06.10.15 Bailiff Bridge Community Centre

  15.12.15 Cartwheel Club Elland

 A one-day training session for voluntary sector groups and organisations that want to build or improve their skills in applying for small grants (approx. £10k and below).

The course is suitable for staff, trustees or volunteers that are new to grant funding and bid-writing, and those with basic level of experience. It will cover:

  • Different funding types and eligibility requirements
  • Using tools to carry out a funding search
  • Identifying and understanding the elements of an application – need, beneficiaries, activities and outcomes
  • Writing a simple project plan


Large Grants 2-Day Course

3&4.06.15 Todmorden Town Hall  10am – 4pm

5&6.08.15 Bailiff Bridge Community Centre

3&4.11.15 Basement Project, Halifax

A two-day training session for voluntary sector groups and organisations looking to make applications for larger grants (£10k and above).

The course is suitable for people with some experience of writing grant applications. It will cover:

  • Identification and demonstration of need
  • Project planning and tools to help you stay organised
  • Making capital applications
  • Budgeting and full cost recovery
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Partnership bids
  • Building relationships with funders


Trustee Roles and Responsibilities ½ -Day Course

10:30am – 1:45pm

16.06.15 Bailiff Bridge Community Centre

20.08.15 Cartwheel Club Elland

23.11.15 Basement Project, Halifax


A half-day session for trustees and committee members. Also suitable for staff that attend board meetings or have responsibility for recruiting and supporting trustees.

The course covers:

  • Different organisational structures in the voluntary sector and what they mean
  • Governing documents
  • Legal roles and responsibilities – compliance, prudence and duty of care
  • Developing strong and diverse boards
  • Holding meetings and sub-committees
  • Conflicts of interest and reporting concerns


Demonstrating Social Impact ½ – Day Course

10:30am – 1:45pm

28.09.15 Basement Project, Halifax

19.11.15 Todmorden Town Hall


A half-day session for voluntary sector groups and organisations that want to improve the way they demonstrate their value and impact. Suitable for any staff, volunteers or trustees that have responsibility in this area. The course will cover:

  • Language of impact – outcomes, theory of change and social value
  • The purpose of demonstrating impact
  • How to collect the right information
  • Identifying and communicating with different stakeholders
  • Funder and commissioner views on impact measurement
  • Websites, toolkits and useful systems
  • Challenges and issues
  • Writing effective impact reports


Creating a Project Budget ½ – Day Course

10:30am – 1:45pm

30.06.15 Cartwheel Club Elland

22.10.15 Basement Project, Halifax

8.12.15   Todmorden Town Hall


This is a half day training session for voluntary sector groups and organisations to develop their skills and knowledge in preparing project budgets. The session is aimed at staff and volunteers new to preparing budgets for their projects and funding applications.

The outcome is to develop an understanding of the importance and benefits of having project budgets and how these feed into your organisation’s annual or overall budget. At the end of the session you will have prepared a basic project budget with the relevant headings which you can use when doing future funding applications.

The main areas covered will be:

  • The different budget headings and what they mean
  • How to calculate expenditure, e.g. capital items and revenue costs
  • Looking at funder’s requirements regarding budgets
  • Practical exercises to prepare project budgets using templates


Developing a Fundraising Strategy 1-Day Course

10am – 4pm

16.09.15 Hebden Bridge Town Hall

27.10.15 Bailiff Bridge Community Centre


Successful fundraising starts with a fundraising strategy!

This is a full one day training session looking at the importance a fundraising strategy plays in helping you achieve the aims of your group or organisation.   We will look at the following areas:

  • How a fundraising strategy fits with your business or development plan
  • Identifying what resources you need to make your plans happen
  • Looking at the different sources of income generation
  • Making a basic strategy using a template and tool kit.

The session aims to provide you with a clearer understanding of the key elements of a fundraising strategy and the experience of putting together your own basic strategy using templates and toolkits.



Sector Support Calderdale training courses are now chargeable, the training costs are as follows


  Voluntary Community Sector Groups with an annual turnover Under 10 k Voluntary Community Sector Groups with an annual turnover Over £10k Voluntary Community Sector Groups Outside Calderdale or Public  sector
Half Day £10 £15 £45
Full Day £20 £35 £55
Two Day £40 £70 £100


We will require payment in advance in order to secure bookings. We operate a 7 day notice period to cancel a booking. The payment will not be refunded on failure to attend the course without notifying us within the 7 days.


Payments can be made by bank transfer or cheque made payable to North Bank Forum.

If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please contact us for details


To reserve places or to request a booking form contact:

Jake Farrar or Olivia Swingler on 01422 345174 or email:

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