Local lottery funds repairs after flooding

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  • July 21, 2016

The Calderdale Cares Lottery Fund from Halifax RLFC is administered by the Community Foundation for Calderdale and has been set up with the aim of raising funds to support worthy charities, organizations and individuals in the Calderdale community.

Unlike the National Lottery, which is £2, the Calderdale Cares Lottery is only £1 a week to enter. A minimum of 35% of every pound will be donated to support good causes across the Calderdale area, which is more than the National Lottery and Health Lottery as they only donate 28% and 20% respectively.  The grants program supports local organisations that will benefit Calderdale residents.

St marys

Makeshift dam built by local residents to stem the flooding.

After the Boxing Day flooding the local lottery was keen to help the local community and agreed to support St Mary’s church Luddenden who were devastated by storm damage and flooding.

During the flooding large volumes of runoff water ran off the hillsides from Midgley and cascaded down the river path and into the front of the church via the kitchen door, as well as flood water from the river entering the back of the church and flooding the boiler room and crypt under the organ.

Church Warden Ruth Wyeth said “It was only quick action of church members and passers by building a dam, with the carpet tiles that we ripped from the flooding kitchen floor and using the stones from the broken wall that saved the ‘run off’ flood water from entering the main worship area of the church”.

The runoff water as well as flooding into the church, was also gushing through a hole that needed repairing into the river below and has caused further subsidence to the path and a much larger hole in the wall. This left a significant drop into the river of about eight feet.

Thanks to the joint grant of £5000 from RLFC’s Calderdale Cares Lotter Fund and the Community Foundation for Calderdale work started immediate to rectify the flood damage, making the footpath safe again and keep it open.

Ruth continued “Our footpath is the main route used from Luddenden to Booth as the alternative council maintained bridleway is in a terrible state of repair and is very muddy and steep. Our footpath through the church yard and along the river is preferred as it is tarmacked and flat and wheelchair and pushchair friendly. It is well used by the community”.

The Calderdale Cares Lotter Fund is managed by the Community Foundation and open for community groups to apply for support; more information is available via www.cffc.co.uk .



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