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  • April 4, 2014

Calderdale DART is a local disability advice service, run on a voluntary, not for profit basis by disabled people for disabled people.

Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) funded the group to enabled them to complete 31 life plans. Their Life disability-resourcesPlans have three stages to them: a personal interview to discuss the client’s needs and aspirations for the future and deal with any immediate application forms. Secondly a written report is submitted which outlines the options for the client and recommendations and finally Calderdale DART meet with the client regularly to check everything is going to plan and update the plan if necessary. This service ensures that disabled people do not have to go through processes alone and have a strong support system behind them.

On average the people who received support from Calderdale DART indicated that their weekly income increased by £82 and evidence from questionnaires highlighted improvements in stress and confidence levels of those disabled people who visited Calderdale DART which they believed made a far larger impact on their life than the actual increased income.

Calderdale DART has made plans to continue their hard work and are extending their pilot for an extra 2 years. This will enable them to set a clearer direction for DART to follow for many years to come, if you would like the support of DART please click here .

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