Supporting new talent at FC Halifax

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  • June 9, 2014

The Community Foundation for Calderdale has supported FC Halifax Towns Football & Education Programme with a grant of £3000.

The programme, managed by Steve Nichol, will now be able to provide laptops and facilities for the youngsters enrolled in the programme.

Nichol is delighted with the help from The Community Foundation. He said: “When I first started here, we looked at the youth team, and the programme we provided and thought about what we needed to do to have more time with the players. So we came up with a project in partnership with a company called virtual learning UK.FC HALIFAX WITH CFFC

“They provide us with an education programme that our players work towards. But, in order to run that programme, I had to get the players into the football side, but we needed to be funded to pay for laptops for the lads to work with. We applied to the Community Foundation for Calderdale and they support us with a grant”

The programme is aimed at 16/17 year olds who are based full time at the club. They have around 12 hours a week of education and ten hours per week of football. They also have their matches each week, which they take part in the Football Conference Youth Alliance and the FA Youth Cup.

Steve Duncan, Chief Executive Officer at the Community Foundation for Calderdale, is also happy with the grant that has been given, in the hope that it can change young people’s lives for the better.

He said: “We like to support grass roots sports, and one of the biggest clubs and sports in the area is football. We were looking to break into grass roots sports in any way that we can. Our input is to allow groups, in this case, FC Halifax Town, to get on to doing what they do well.

“When we give money, we give a grant and effectively that money is then gone. But when you find out that it changes so many young people’s lives, it is a big bonus for me. We have got some amazing, generous people in Calderdale who donate to us, in some cases millions of pounds, and we are able to channel that to where it is most needed. We are delighted with what FC Halifax Town are doing with our grant.”

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