The Imaginarium story and pictures [Chapter 1]

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  • September 28, 2011

In a little place called Halifax there was a Community Foundation For Calderdale, this foundation had been at the heart of the community for twenty years, supporting Charites and local groups. To celebrate such a wonderful achievement they decided to host a ball…..

  The ball was held in a disused weavers shed, a shed I hear you cry, worry not Pregoevents waved their magic wand and transformed the shed in to a magical wonderland, where pirate ships had crashed along with its crew and bounty, Rapunzel’s tower became a real life play ground for guests to play out childhood fantasies


On the evening of the 17th of September excited guests were welcomed to Imaginarium Mansions unbeknown to them this was only room one!

Once the five hundred guests had arrived the ball commenced when the bellowing voice of Brian Blessed echoed around the room instructing everyone to turn their attention to the twenty-foot high book.

As he began telling the story of the Imaginarium the giant books pages turned. The mesmerised guests could not belive their eyes or ears, just at that moment the books final page turned and reveled a secret passage into the Imagianrium……….

Once inside the book they were greeted by staff from the Design House Outside Catering Co who escorted them to their Alice In Wonderland themed tables


“From this moment on guests Knew this was no ordinary charity ball….. This was Yorkshire’s Finest Charity Ball”

 Join me on Friday to  read chapter two where we explore flying hosts and celebrity appearances and if you have any photos to share of the Imaginarium ball please do send them to – and see if you appear in the story!!

 Emma Bolger

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