Community Foundation for Calderdale and Calderdale NHS have invested £150,000 in a Todmorden mental health commission which aims to support those affected by the flooding experienced in the Valley on Boxing Day 2015.

The commission has been awarded to Calderdale Healthy who will provide services that will improve the mental health and wellbeing of Todmorden residents.

These services will offer support, information and advice in an accessible, coordinated and holistic way that will contribute not only to mental health and wellbeing, but long-term physical health, increased volunteering and economic activity, individual involvement in the local community, and increased social cohesion.

Programme of activity includes:

  • 4 peer support groups, bipolar support, and anxiety and depression, another anxiety and depression group meeting in the evening, and a further group to respond to the identified need.
  • “Well Aware” Recovery courses. 4 x 3-week courses on managing mental distress with a programme of 8 complementary workshops on relevant issues, such as resilience, self-management, wellbeing etc.
  • Information and navigation service; providing drop-in information and support sessions in community venues and GP surgeries. Crucially this service will also offer ” navigation support”.
  • Open Minds; We will extend this provision to community groups, employers and schools in the Todmorden area to educate, inform and reduce stigma and discrimination. We plan to deliver around 48 mental health education workshops per year.
  • Outreach Support: to support people to access other Healthy Minds borough-wide services, especially Welfare Rights, Employment Support, and volunteer training and support.
    Healthy Minds will provide a hub for these services by having an office based in Todmorden, a shop front base that will be open and accessible to all; a non-stigmatising space separate from the statutory provision. The base will be staffed on a daily part-time basis; queries outside of these hours will be dealt with via answerphone and web access.

Healthy Minds are partnering with Hebden Bridge Community Association, (HBCA) in this project. HBCA, through a contract with the Local Authority, will be delivering a Staying Well project in Todmorden, taking over management responsibility for the existing Todmorden-based Neighbourhood Scheme Team worker. 

HBCA will lead to the delivery of a Staying Well micro-commissioning programme.
It will provide two rounds of commissioning with a minimum value of £15,000 each time.
This partnership will support the development and involvement especially of smaller community groups in the area, and of new activities to meet the identified need.

It will facilitate connectedness, joint working and the sharing of information and resources so that we will see the development of a “wellbeing hub” in the Todmorden area.

Throughout the delivery of all services, clients will be encouraged to consider volunteering within HM and all other community groups. This will not only help to develop new learning, skills and interests but provide extra capacity for the further development of community and voluntary sector groups.