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  • August 5, 2011

Martin Haigh of Lattitude 7

Martin started Lattitude 7 in September of 2010. He established this small business to provide focused training in the area of personal development because he believes that companies can flourish by having people with the right skills and attitudes involved in them. Having worked in the training and development field both in corporate and for private companies Martin has a good understanding of the market.

Martin’s programmes are highly engaging and delegates are actively involved early on in the sessions.  Martin uses many creative activities to engage people and then teases out the business context and relevance something are very own CEO Steve Duncan can vouch for after taking part in one of the programs Martin delivers.

Lattitude7 is now established and has a growing reputation in the eyes of his clients and in the local community because of this Martin is now in a position to make his business grow and has put in place many actions to support this growth.Lattitude7 has a clear business strategy embracing local and national clients including a mix of paid work and pro-bone support.

Martin also lent his support recently scheme which challenged seven Calderdale schools to take £5 per pupil (£150 per class) and invest it over a five-week period to make a profit.

The ‘Make £5 Blossom’ initiative sees business teams from the schools given a £150 loan from a business partner. The teams then developed a product for school or local community to make a profit

Martin supported Salterhebble J&I both financially and by holding a training session where the children learnt tips for developing successful businesses.

Martin also recently took part and raised money for our 20th aniversey fund ‘The Imaginarium’ by taking part in a 60 mile bike ride from Manchester to Blackpool

If you believe Martin / Lattitude 7 should be nominated in the New business Category or the Small to medium business category of the Halifax Courier Business Awards 2011 you can do so here

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