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  • August 9, 2011

816 Espresso Halifax

816 Espresso are passionate about coffee and about changing lives. The ethos at 816 is a simple one, you have a gift use it for good – Luke 8:16. The three main contributors to this business believe and demonstrate this passion for helping others daily. Pete, Chloe & Dave provide meals for children in Brazil through a non-profit charity set up by Pete:–

Tea For Two is a non-profit charity started early in 2010 by Pete Green. After learning that he could feed a child everyday for a whole month for just £4.40, he decided to delve a bit deeper.

He found that Irishman, Martin Davison, had set up a school in Maues, Brazil to provide education and, more importantly, hope to the people of this poor area. There are more than 100 kids at Living Word School and it costs little more than 20p to provide a nutritional meal per child.

Pete decided that Marty had plenty on his plate without having to worry about providing the basics such as food, so he has set up Tea For Two with the aim of providing all the meals everyday for the whole school.

Pete and the team do this by providing a delivery service of coffees and pastries & cakes to any door in Halifax town centre from their café on the outskirts of the town. Pete has also got other businesses involved and the total as to date of meals provided to the school children is a staggering 14,811.

More recently the team at 816 have added catering to their fantastic service and have on many occasions helped us at the foundation with catering for events.

If you believe this young but growing business should be nominated for an award at this years Halifax Courier Business Awards please click here

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