When investing in funds for charitable purposes, it is essential to be prudent and responsible. But, at the same time, it is vitally important to ensure the best possible return, to support the cause in question – both immediately and in the longer term.

Community Foundation for Calderdale work with individual donors, private trusts and local businesses. Considering your objectives, we will help to devise a robust and genuinely bespoke philanthropic investment strategy that will enable you to maximise the impact of your charitable activities locally.
You can donate to support local projects and people in different ways: (Click the image to read our case studies)

Create a Named Fund:

People and businesses establish grant making funds to support the people and causes they care about most.  By utilising the knowledge and expertise of our staff, trustees and volunteers grants are channelled to best effect giving donors a great sense of satisfaction and confidence.

The creation of a fund is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  We work with our donors to learn about their needs and wishes and create funds which match their interests and need in the community.  Funds are governed by an agreement setting out the objects, type and terms of the fund.

To make an appointment to learn more about funds, contact CEO Steve Duncan on 01422 438737 or email [email protected] 

Leave a Legacy Gift

You may choose to ask the Foundation to allocate your gift to one of our existing funds. Alternatively, you may decide to create a named fund to support your own particular charitable interests as well as ensuring your name lives on in the future. If you wish, this option allows your family to have an input on how the funds are distributed too.

Charitable gifts are exempt from inheritance tax and could help reduce the total amount of tax paid on your estate. Anyone leaving at least 10% of their estate in their will to charity benefits from an effective reduction in inheritance tax from 40% to 36%. As an accredited Community Foundation, legacies made to Community Foundation for Calderdale qualify as a charitable donation. To make an appointment to learn more about how your legacy can make a difference locally, contact CEO SteveDuncan DL by telephone 01422 438737 or email [email protected]

Download our Legacy leaflet here CFFC Will Legacy final

Make your CSR count locally

Grant making funds provide businesses with the perfect vehicle to develop and improve the ways in which they can fulfil their corporate social responsibility. Your values are at the core of your business and you look after your employees and customers well, but there are other ways in which you can improve your corporate social responsibility.

If you’ve been thinking about how you might get involved in initiatives that benefit society, we’d love to talk to you about your options.

To make an appointment to learn more about business funds, contact Steve Duncan, Chief Executive on 01422 438737 or email [email protected] 

Honour a loved one with a Memorial Fund

Respecting and remembering someone after they’ve died is often a priority for family and friends. In fact, some families choose to continue to honour a deceased individual by setting up a memorial fund in the Deceased’s name. This not only honours the Deceased’s unique contribution to the world but helps others as well.

To make an appointment to learn more about Memorial funds, contact Steve Duncan, Chief Executive on 01422 438737 or email [email protected] 

Become a Foundation Member

Membership is a great way to regularly support the work of the Community Foundation in general and to have an input into the operation of the foundation. Our members are important to us as they are the very foundations of our organisation, they link us to our communities and they elect our board of trustees. Members enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they are directly supporting the efforts of the foundation and are therefore helping local communities and receive regular updates on the work of the Foundation.

The income from Foundation membership is used to support our core operational costs, thereby enabling donations to be used more effectively and in a more focused manner. Membership fees also support our ability to identify and prioritise the need within the county and to attract new funds to the Foundation.

You can become a member online here;

To discuss membership please contact CEO Steve on 01422 438737 or email [email protected]

Giving locally makes an impact both now and in the future, to see how our grantmaking has made a difference in Calderdale in 2016/17 please click here to view our Impact Report