What has been done since the floods?

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  • November 13, 2012

A Flood Needs Assessment was carried out by the CFFC in late August. This consisted of 44 telephone interviews where householders were asked about the effect the flooding has had on them, the help that they have received, how they feel the authorities have performed regarding the flooding and how they think flood resilience can be improved for the future. The Council should already be aware of the results of the Assessment from a report which was provided to them.



Flood Kits are currently being assembled by the CFFC for distribution among applicants to Upper Valley Flood Fund.  These kits include compact water inflatable sandbag equivalents and various essentials to fulfil needs which flooding can threaten. These essentials include temporary lighting equipment, sanitisation equipment and work gloves.

The CFFC has taken measures to make sure that the Upper Calder Valley is publicly perceived as being on the road to recovery after the flooding. The Upper Valley Flood Fund is contributing toward the upcoming Festival of Light event. The CFFC also organised several pop-up stores to promote commerce in Hebden Bridge called Hebden Rising, this campaign also included a Marketing Booklet for local shops in Hebden Bridge.

Jacob Storey

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